Last minute weekend trip to Cairo.


Dec 15th, 1998, 03:16 PM
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Last minute weekend trip to Cairo.

I will be in Athens (Feb) and will have a free long weekend (F-M). I've heard that the Athen's bucket shops have cheap tickets to Cairo. My *Main* concern would be finding a hotel (100USD/night) on a Fri. pm/night and transportation there. Has anyone done this, and is Feb. peak-off peak-shoulder season? I do plan on visiting Egypt in the future but for now I'd really love to see the Pyramids, Sphinx, and a short visit to the Egyptian museum. Any advice? TIA Regards, Walter
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Dec 16th, 1998, 07:38 AM
Tony Hughes
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Walter, I just got back from Egypt last wednesday . . .
I wouldnt have thought you would have a problem with accomodation. The tourists are still staying away after 1997's 'Incident'.
Try the Ramses Hilton - a short sprint from the Egyptian museum.
Take a taxi to the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, and remember to agree a price beforehand. The taxi driver will wait for you and bring you back later on. Do not attempt to drive there, the driving is insane.
Any help required email me.
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Dec 18th, 1998, 06:20 PM
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I just got back from Egypt two weeks ago. In Cairo, we stayed at the Nile Hilton which is just across the street from the Egyptian Museum.

The driving and traffic are indeed crazy. Allow plenty of time to get anywhere in Cairo. Also, pollution is awful so be prepared.
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Dec 21st, 1998, 08:23 AM
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Most of the 5* hotels are in the $100+ range for downtown Cairo. Feb. is not high season for Athens or Cairo. You don't need a bucket shop for a cheap flight - it is cheap period to fly to Cairo. DOn't worry about the pollution-
if you survive the pollution in Athens which leaves a visible film over anything you will survive anything!!
Write for further tips on Egypt - I have 15 years experience going there!!
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