May 15th, 1999, 11:47 AM
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Will be travelling to SA in July and have only been able to get a little info.

What will the weather be like? The locals have told me it will be cold but being from Canada, that is a relative term. What type of clothing should I pack? Most of my trip will be business related ... are jackets and ties the norm or will this make me stand out as a tourist and likely prospect for a mugging? Will it be too cold for shorts when I have free time to do my own thing?

I will be spending one day in Durban and then moving on to Ulundi for a one-week conference. If I were to make a point of seeing or doing one thing while in Durban, what should it be?

Recent reports of weapons and munitions buildups prior to the coming election have added to my general concerns about health and safety. What can anyone tell me about the present political situation and the likelihood of politically motivated violence? Apparently, malaria is a serious problem ... is this more acute in July or less of a problem at that time of year?

Even though we'll probably have a full business agenda while in Ulundi, what can anyone tell me about the area ... history, sightseeing, culture, recreation etc.

Despite my concerns above, I'm looking forward to visiting South Africa and just wish I had more time. I'll be flying directly from Toronto via London and Jo'burg to Durban and will be about 30 hours in transit. Any tips to make this trek more bearable would also be appreciated.

Finally, should I bring my notebook computer along or am is it too obvious a target for theft?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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May 17th, 1999, 01:48 AM
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Hi - I'll try and answer one or two of your questions. I have visited there, and my fiance is from Durban. If you have any specific questions, e-mail me and I will ask him. The weather in Durban never really gets cold (like it does in Capetown/Jo'burg). It should be sunny, clear but a bit crisp. It will be warm enough for shorts during the day, but nights can get fairly cold. I was there in June last year and it was nice - average 23 degrees. From what I have heard, malaria is not a problem in the cities, and main game reserves. I never took any malaria protection, (I was in Durban, and Umfolozi/Hluhluwe game reserve, and the Drakensburg). Work dress is fairly casual from what I've been told, trousers and shirt - no jacket and tie, but I guess this depends on what type of industry. In Durban - I'd suggest you have a curry (try a bunny chow - a curry inside bread - its lovely). Durban has a huge indian population, and probably the best currys outside India. Violence wise, you're fairly safe if you're careful. Don't go places where you don't know. Don't go into a black township - you'll be asking for trouble. Don't walk around at night. Keep your stuff locked, and don't have things of value in sight. By all means bring a notebook pc, but keep it locked away in your hotel when not in use. Common sense basically. Natal/Durban tourist board actually has quite a good website on line - sorry I don't know the address off hand, but I know I found it by searching in Yahoo.
Enjoy - SA is a wonderful place
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Jun 2nd, 1999, 07:23 AM
Omar Essack
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Weather is always great in KwaZulu Natal.
I'm live in Durban, so I should know.
Today was our country's national election. The munitions find and build up of arms is no longer a factor. The province is safer than a few years ago. Durban's beaches are warm and you need to spend time at our Botanical Gardens, and as Jo suggested, eat a Bunny Chow.
Ulundi is rather boring but the nearby game reserves are great. Hire a mobile phone and familiarise yourself with our emergence numbers to reassure yourself. We are casual, though jacket and tie for business meetings is the norm.
Shorts are definitiely on for day time leisure, but it gets cooler at night.
I run a radio statio down in Durban called East Coast Radio. Pop by when you're in Durban.

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Jun 14th, 1999, 12:04 PM
Roger Vineall
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I don't think you'll be suffering from cold coming from Canada. Not much to add to the other 2 messages, except that I think you'll need to take malaria tablets if you're going to Ulundi. (Check with your doctor - some of them you're supposed to start taking a week or so before you go there.) As for danger - I think it's like most other places in the world - there are some areas that you should just avoid, but use common sense and you'll be OK. Jacket and tie will be fine for business meetings.
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