Kirawira vs. Grumeti camps


Oct 15th, 2001, 09:05 AM
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Kirawira vs. Grumeti camps

We are planning a trip to Tanzania in late June 2002 (pending the world situation, of course). We will be spending 10 nights in the Serengeti, with 4 nights in the Western Corridor. We are trying to decide between Grumeti River Camp and Kirawira Camp. Has anyone been to one (or both) of these camps...and which do you prefer. We understand that Grumeti has a very "bush" atmosphere and is a great place to stay. However, it is also quite a bit more expensive. We have also read good things about Kirawira...however, it seems more like a lodge than a camp....and we really like the appeal of Grumeti in this respect. However, these observations are strictly based on what the literature/internet substitute for having been there.
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Oct 17th, 2001, 11:03 AM
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We spent 2 nights at Kirawira in early March, it was very plush, but it was definately a tented camp. Each tent was large with en suite bathroom-marble no less, built up on stilts. The lounge and dining area were both canvas, antique furniture in the lounge, it also had a small library. It was a cut above the other Serena lodges that we stayed at (imported from England soap and shampoo and terry robes), only 25 tents. Meals were excellent. We did run into some rain there (Lake effect) but had a great time. It was a slight hike from our tent to the dining tent, the view was wonderful, but we could not see the Grumeti River from camp. If you contact me directly, I could send pics that I took, or answer more questions.
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