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Lwoody1 Jan 9th, 2017 03:04 PM

Kenyan Safari Spending Money
I am going to Kenya in March 2017 with a tour group. I will be in country for 8 days.I am staying at 3 different hotels/lodges,and all of my meals, 14 total, and game drives are included in the price. I need advice on how much cash to take with me for tips and local purchases. I am also wondering of that cash how much should be local currency and how much should be USD.

Marktendolee Jan 10th, 2017 01:59 AM

Happy new year tipping is from the heart no fix price but you can give according to your heart. Most people accept both local curency and dollars but for safety and easy transactions have most of the budgeted money for spending be changed in local currency.

amyb Jan 10th, 2017 05:31 AM

I always tip in local currency. The burden and cost of exchanging the money should be on me, not on the staff who may or may not live near a bank to make the exchange.

CaliNurse Jan 10th, 2017 11:48 AM

Agree wit Amy--tip in local currency. There's an ATM at Nairobi Airport, in the arrivals area, just before the exit-- where you will likely gather to meet your driver. You can get your Kenya shillings there--it will easy and done with, as form that point on, you'll probably need mostly tip money only.

Re: shopping, i suspect that the hotels/lodges you stay will have gift shops. You can use credit cards there. There are some lovely gift shops at lodges--eg Serena Sweetwaters, which is a pretty common stop on tours.

Try a "google" serach for "safari tipping Kenya" so you get an idea of what is the norm. Or check with the tour group company--they often have such information on their websites. You'll tipping the driver/guide (assuming he is good!) for sure, and probably servers at meals (check with company--sometimes restaurant gratuities are included b your package price).

Have a great trip!!

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