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Jun 16th, 2005, 08:47 AM
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kenya, tanzania

I have gotten some great advice from this site! My son and I will be going to Kenya and Tanzania on July 19-August 10. We will be staying in mostly tented camps and are very excited about it. We booked this through Eastern Southern Safari. So far they seem very helpful. We have some questions! Should we take digital and 35mm? What is best? Clothing? I find that the nylon zip-offs are popular. Are they comfortable for safaris? If not, should we look for cotton? The weight limit is 33 pounds. Is that correct? What about if you want to bring back souveniers? Should that be considered before packing? Anything else anybody out there can think of that would be helpful to us, please let us know. Thanks!
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Jun 16th, 2005, 09:32 AM
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I leave for Tanzania and Kenya Aug 1st! All safari and tented camping. I am going through Abercrombie & Kent for the Tanzania portion and then a week at Cottars just adjacent to "the Mara". I got the same tips from both -

Bring both types of cameras if you can - I am bringing my digital and an old 35mm for backup with about 10 rolls of standard film - make sure if you use regular film - buy different speeds - ASA 400 for day and up to ASA 1000 for action/night shots. If only digital - have extra batteries and at least one extra memory card and test them before you leave!!! Put the camera film in your carry on. Bring at least 6 plastic bags to store the cameras/film from dust, debris and rain...

Pack only soft side luggage - get a good sturdy duffle bag. Weigh your luggage on a reliable scale before you go. A friend just came back, her baggage was over the 33 lb limit, she had to leave it and pay extra cost to get in shipped to her from Arusha to Nairobi and when it got there - it had been ransacked.


If you can, go to the web, and look for some affordable convertible pants - you will love them - I bought three pair and wear them all the time. Get at least two LONG SLEEVE shirts to protect you from sun and bugs. Pack a small bottle of detergent for washing underwear - laundry service will be provided, but intimate apparel is to washed by us. Stay away from heavy cotton - it does not dry quickly and can become heavy and hot. Look for quick dry items with Cool-Max and a cotton lycra blend ( these also tend to be lighter in weight). For women - get a good supportive and comfortable sports bra - a must!

BRING BUG REPELLENT - DEET 30% or higher - this is a must. Also pack your prescription meds and polarized sunglasses. AND SUNSCREEN.

Get a good hat with a brim - not a visor - this is something you will wear every day.

Bring money in small amounts - nothing higher than the equivalent of $20USD or Euro equivalent.

Remember to leave a little space for items you want to buy and bring home - (here is where the 33 lbs really becomes a pain the ...)


Post your thoughts when you get back...
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Jun 16th, 2005, 10:47 AM
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Only if you are flying within either country or to/from both; if driving only you are not limited with your luggage. But don't over do it.

There are few places in Tanzania while on safari to make major souvenir purchases. Often on your way back to Arusha will a stop be made at the Heritage Center to shop. While in Kenya, if driving there are often stops along the way where souvenirs can be purchased as well as on entry to most of the parks. We found it best to see what was available and prices; unless it was something we absolutely had to have, we saved our shopping till the end of our trip in Nairobi (assuming this is from where you will depart). And think before buying "soapstone" items as they are heavy. Wherever possible, I try to "buy flat" - easier to pack.

As to clothing, there are lots of threads on this, so a search on this board will find them for you. On our recent safari neither of us used convertible pants... it was never warm enough to zip off the bottoms, so we stayed with regular pants, but did pack a separate pair of shorts - just in case.

Do take digital and 35mm if you have both. Take half the film for the 35mm then if this was your only camera. Have extra batteries for both and a charger for the digital. Most tent camps can charge your batteries, but often their power is on a few hours early, late afternoon and till about 11pm - consider this when scheduling battery charges. Most lodges have outlets in rooms where you can charge batteries, but be sure to have the appropriate plug adapter (3 sq prong [though we found a few places had the Euro plugs - 2 round]). Lodges may have these adapters but not for all guests. Bring your own.

As to Canechick's comment re immunizations - since Yellow Fever is no longer required, you don't need proof of any of your inoculations, but you should consider (as per the CDC) Tetanus, Hep A, Polio booster and Thyphoid. And, of course, be on some Malaria preventative. But do discuss these with your medical professional.

Hope this helps.
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