Nov 17th, 1997, 02:10 PM
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My wife and I are going to Mombasa in february next year. Any advice about currency/credit cards, places worthwile seeing and enjoyable activities? What about crime in Kenya/Mombasa? How is the food and the service on restaurants? Any answer will be appreciated. Nils
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Nov 30th, 1997, 01:42 AM
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Hello, I toured in Mombassa Kenya in June '96 and
stayed at an excellent resort right on the Indian
Ocean called White Sands. The food was great. Bring
lots of trinkets to trade to the locals for beautiful wooden carvings of African animals. Always
offer half of what the price is for whatever souvenir you want. You can get a safari right from
the hotel for about $100.00 U.S. The local language
is Swahili and hello is JUMBO! Good Luck.
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