Kaye's Photos - MalaMala - 16.12.07 - 10.1.08

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Kaye's Photos - MalaMala - 16.12.07 - 10.1.08

Hi everyone,

It has taken me a week to work on the photos and all day today to upload them to Kodakgallery, but I hope I have done it!


We ended up with only 4 sunny days out of the 25 and I think that really cut down the number of photos I took! So in many, the light (as in some sun) could have been better, but you deal with what you have got!

Talking of uploading, I used Easy Upload and the couple of hundred did take most of today, how easy is it to use Express Upload?

Kind regards

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VERY nice set of pictures, Kaye. I really enjoyed those, especially all the lion socializing shots and all the leopards. Thanks for posting those.

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Great variety of photos with a really nice mixture of tight and wide shots. I enjoyed them immensely. I think the lions stalking was my favorite. Thanks
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Wonderful set of photos, Kaye - you have a great eye! Cheered up a grey UK January afternoon no end! Best, Robb
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Hi Kaye,

Thanks for this! Lots of nice pictures .... i recognize the Styx and Eyrefield prides. You got the Giant Kingfisher on the bridge, too.

I still haven't had time to work on the pics as yet as i have to catch up with work ... will do so soon.

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Hi Kaye.... wonderful pictures....you did see many lions...enjoyed,thanks, Sonali
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Loved your photos. Those are some beautiful lion cubs. Especially enjoyed the jackal pups, storks, hornbills, and frolicking eles.

When is your next trip?

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Brilliant photos, I particularly liked all the unique shots -- night time hippo, rhino rolling in water, buffalo covered completely in mud, and tawny eagle eating while being harassed by starling were all amongst my favorites for being something different than usual. Also love all the great reptile shots, terrific chameleon, boomslang and olive grass snake with just the lizard's tail left.

Of course the lions and leopards are stellar but I love seeing the variety that is rarely captured.
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Wonderful pictures. The cubs have really grown since we were there in July. Really enjoyed the leopards, especially the cubs. Thanks!

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Why does Kodak Gallery not load in South Africa.
Here is the message we keep getting.
Gateway Timeout
The following error occurred:
[code=GATEWAY_TIMEOUT] A gateway timeout occurred. The server is unreachable. Retry the request.

Please contact the administrator.
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Excellant photos.
I appreciate your captions.
Thank you
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Loved the photos. Looks like you had a great safari.

-Granny Joan
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I love all the beautiful cubs! And families! Also the pups and birds and leopards and the muddy buff. You have some great pictures, Kaye. Thanks for posting them.

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All the baby pictures are incredible, and the darling Styx pride cub sightings make me green with envy. I love the leopard climbing the tree to get the impala kill, and the little Red Bishop on a bush.
Makes me want to go in green season, but when I saw you had only 4 sunny days, I wasn't so sure.
I've been afraid to try the Express Upload since it's beta.
I don't think I'll show these to my husband John because he'll want to spend big bucks on a better camera than our Canon S3! We didn't do very well because the zoom got gritty and didn't work well. They are easy to use but overrated IMO.
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Great set of photos, Kaye. I loved all the Lions and their cubs; same with the Leopards! You evidently had a lot of great quality time with these cats! I wonder if the Black-backed Jackal cubs you saw were the same ones I saw back at the end of October 2007 -- were they up at the farthest northern reach of the property?
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I loved your photos Kaye, and hope to take some half as good myself next year. The lion cubs are just gorgeous but I found myself interested in the birds. I've never been interested in photographing birds before but seeing your photos and the variety of species in Africa has made me do a rethink.
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Hi everyone,

Thank-you Chris and Eric.

Robb - pleased to have helped brighten your grey day!

Hari - I added the Kingfisher for you! Also have a photo from a few years ago of a Male Giant Kingfisher sitting on the tusks of the warthog near reception.

Sonali - yes, saw a lot of the beautiful lions, many cubs as well, which I have not seen for a few years!

CW - thank-you and my next trip will be from mid June to mid July, needless to say, I cannot wait!

Bill - I also love capturing the wildlife that is usually ignored by many people! A variety of animals, birds and reptiles makes for a far more interesting album!

Bob - yes I am sure the Eyrefield cubs have grown! They play really well together and so far, the bigger ones do not really have an advantage over the younger ones.

Safarichat - sorry about that. If you wish to give me your email address, I would be happy to email the photos to you directly!

Cybor - I also like knowing who I am looking at!

GrannyJoan - I had a fabulous safari - though I always do! This time, in spite of the bad luck with the weather!

Thanks Cindy - I certainly enjoy taking the photos - at the moment I am racing down to my local park, as we have had beautiful Magpie Geese there for the first time since June 2007 - and they had babies while I was away and none survived. But another lot have goslings now and I can't stop racing down there 3 or 4 times a day, to take another 50 photos!

Leslie - most unusual having so little sun while the grass was so high and lush - looked good but every animal had grass in front of their heads! I really do not have an expensive camera - a Panasonic FZ18, as I wore the FZ30 out! Looking at a lot of the cameras in other vehicles, mine is very much in the minor league. One English guest had a camera weighing about 15kgs, and I could barely pick it up!

Rickmck - I did have a lot of time with the cats as I was there for 25 nights, which helps enormously. Yes, I am sure the Black-backed Jackal pups are the same you saw in October - they live near the northern boundary to Gowrie. The Side-striped Jackal pups were on or near the airstrip.

Oneday - I was never a birder - but when I went digital in November 2005, I was taking many photos everyday and around home, I have no big wildlife so I went after the birds. Now I am totally into taking bird photos! It really adds to the gameviewing experience as always something to look at! Not really into all the little brown birds, but a lot of the plainer coloured birds often have the most beautiful markings - all the francolins for instance. They are also quite a challenge being so fleet of foot!

So thanks all again, and it was worth the approximate 6 hours of uploading!

Anyone who has tried the Express Upload, please let me know of the experience!

Kind regards

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Sun or no sun, the lion pride was highly photogenic. Some good snake pics too. Great variety of shots and another volume for your Mala Mala collection.
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Hi Lynn

Thanks. The lack of sun was a bit disappointing, but I am sure I will get over it!

We did see quite a few snakes, unfortunately didn't get photos of most of them!

Still have not seen a big Black Mamba, actually not even a small one!

Kind regards


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Hi Kaye

Maybe you have been asked this question before but I would like your opinion of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve if you don't mind.

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