Judging Tour Organizers

Sep 27th, 1999, 03:11 AM
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Judging Tour Organizers

I am thinking of a trip to Zimbabwe in the next year and would like to go with an organized group. I have seen various names and was wondering who the good ones are and how to find them. Also, how to find information on them (complaints, kudos, etc.)

Thanks for your help.
Sep 27th, 1999, 08:51 PM
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What names and what kind of trip were you looking at?
Sep 28th, 1999, 03:04 AM
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As I said I'm thinking of Zimbabwe. I don't have any particular names. I have seen several mentioned here. Since this is my first trip to Africa and reading some of the things on the internet and of course stuff you hear in the news I am a little bit apprehensive. Not enough to keep me from going but I'd like to feel comfortable that I am picking a good group to go with. So my question was where do you find them and how are they judged (i.e. is there a group who does this, etc.)
Sep 28th, 1999, 05:21 AM
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You may wish to think about your budget, your interests and the length of time you have. Also, on what standards you require. The tours range from luxury 5 star, to camping with very basic facilities. If you supply this info, I can supply you a few websites that are good starting points.
Sep 28th, 1999, 08:40 PM
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Also you should be able to get some brochures from a travel agent. I assume you are talking about the kind of tour which you book from home, before you actually land in Africa.

Some questions to consider: long long do you want to go for, do you want to camp or stay in lodges (or both) and if in a tent do you want to be involved in setting it up (plus do a whole lot of other chores like start the campfires, collect firewood, help with food preparation, push the truck out of ruts, etc.) or have that done for you, how rough or luxurious a trip do you want, which companies' itineraries interest you most? Do you want to be on the move the whole time or based in one spot and take tours from there?

I would not go with the cheapest tour as this is not the place to put your safety and health in the hands of some slipshod outfit. I've heard the food is not so great with some of the cheaper ones. Also, one company, which unfortunately I don't remember the name of, carried people's belongings along in a trailer behind the truck and vandals just slashed the tarp. Better to have your belongings with you or safely locked up.

These are the three companies I would start with:

I went with Guerba, an English company. I know people who have taken trips with them and have returned to do more. I took the "full participation" type which meant a lot of work. On the plus side, we really got off the beaten path and covered alot of territory - their itinerary was more interesting than some of the others. On the negative side, it can be very tiring!


Although I don't personally know anyone who has taken a Dragoman tour, I've heard many positive comments about them. I would definitely check them out too.

If you're looking for more luxury, look into Abercrombie & Kent.

I hope this helps.
Sep 28th, 1999, 08:42 PM
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Make that "HOW long do you want to go for?"

Oh for an UNDO button here!
Oct 31st, 1999, 04:38 PM
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Jo, I too am looking for an organised tour....to Eygpt. Could you let me know of any operators (or tour sites) for a single female travelling on a budget? Thanx!

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