Johannesburg Visit


Mar 5th, 2002, 08:07 PM
Paula Dilario
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Johannesburg Visit

Hi Anyone

I am looking at visiting Joburg early in January next year after a 22 year absence and would like to have some general information, etc about conditions, etc. I lived in Bez Valley. Any information, news, etc would be greatly appreciated so I can start to plan. Thanks
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Mar 6th, 2002, 04:07 AM
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Wow, Paula, It will be like a different planet. Well actually, a lot of things will have changed and a lot will have stayed the same. We've been away 19 years but have gone back for frequent visits. The first thing you will notice is all the high walls, barbed wire, electric fences etc.

Youwill probably find that you may not want to spend the entire trip in Jo'burg. See if you can persuade your relatives if you are visiting to accompany you on jaunts out of the city. You will be amazed at how many luxury resorts have sprung up all the way to Sun City in Magaliesberg and Hartebeestpoort. Sun City and the Lost City are really worth a visit to see what an incredible resort it has become and the change from the original small resort.

Do not, under any circumstances, and I repeat it, do not, miss going to Cape Town. When one is away for so long, one forgets how incredibly beautiful it is. And the Mountain! I know you have beautiful areas in Australia but Cape Town holds that special something.

There is also a huge industry growth in game parks, some nearer Jo'burg than the Kruger area.

You will find that you do not need or want to go to the City (or should I say into town).

You will also be amazed at how fast the people drive. And like somebody said in another thread, be wary of taxi drivers in mini buses. They do not follow the rules of the road. Oh yes, and avoid Louis Botha Ave. That is their main drag. Take circuitous routes instead.

For more info, do a search here under Johannesburg, South Africa and Cape Town.O r just keep on scrolling back. Tons of useful information.

The thing that will get you the most is when you arrive, that incredible feeling and hold of "Africa".
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