Johannesburg connection question


Jan 21st, 2006, 04:12 PM
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Johannesburg connection question

We're flying from Capetown to Nelspruit to meet our transfer to Simbambili next fall. We'll have excess baggage weight (probably about 10 lb. perperson over the alotted 44 lbs.)and am guessing we'll need to connect in Johannesburg to store the two 24" suitcases before taking the plane on to Kruger. We're coming from a six-week trip originating in southeast asia, and will have a 24" and a 20" suitcase each....softsided with wheels. I trying to read the South African Airways rules on excess baggage..... it excludes the 8000 series, which are the flights from Johannesburg to Nelspruit and also our choice non-stop flight from Capetown to Nelspruit. Does anyone know any information on this?

Assuming this is true, and we need to connect in Johannesburg to store the extra suitcases, how much time should we allow to find the storage room, store the stuff and re-check in for the Nelspruit flight? I'm getting ready to book our flights.

I know there are often different rules to follow than we expect, and I'm trying to think of things that could sneek up to 'ruin our day' in advance.

Connecting between South African Airways and South African Airlink.......are they near each other in the same terminal, or is it a hike? What is check-in time for a domestic flight? Are they serious about the 44lb check in and 16lb carry on? Can the carry-on be a 20" soft sided roll-on like we all have? (Assuming I have packed about the equivalent weight of a pillow.)

Thanks in advance (
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Jan 21st, 2006, 05:01 PM
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My rule with this sort of thing is to think about how much time you'd need if everything went perfectly, and double it. I had to do this once, and gave myself about three hours, which was plenty. This included collecting the luggage from the Cape Town flight; walking to the international terminal to drop it off; and checking in for my Sabi Sands flight.

The last time I used the luggage storage service, the only place you could drop the luggage off was in the International terminal. This may have changed. If you can drop the luggage in the domestic terminal, you can probably get by with less time. It's about a ten minute walk from one terminal to the other if you have luggage with you.

I don't recall SA Airlink being particularly strict about the luggage weight, but it depends a lot on how full your flight is. If the flight is full, they'll probably be stricter (like airlines everywhere).

I believe that both SAA and SA Airlink use the same ticket counters, etc in the domestic terminal, but that SA Airlink uses different gates, but I'm not positive about this.

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Jan 22nd, 2006, 04:23 AM
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There is a flight that leaves Cape Town and goes directly to KMIA. Please check to ensure that you are not booking that one.

The luggage check is below international arrivals, that is around a ten minute walk from domestic arrivals. Should you decide to store your bags, I would work on a 30 - 60 minute window to get this done without to much sweat ananxiety.

As for the airlink/saa switch, no problem all domestic check in counters are within the same terminal. That is with the exception of the charter companiies that operate from another venue, but will meet you at the info section of int arrivals.
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