JoBurg Rhino Lion Park


Apr 23rd, 2004, 04:08 PM
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JoBurg Rhino Lion Park

Has anyone visited the Rhino Lion Park? What is it like? If we are not planning to visit Joburg is it worth adding a day to visit?
Hear you can pet the lion and tiger cubs? Has anyone done this?
Have you taken the "Walk on the Wildside"? What is it like?
Would appreciate any info you can provide. Also how long would a typical visit last?

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Apr 23rd, 2004, 06:11 PM
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For what my opinion is worth, I would rather lions were not being habituated to humans.

If you'll be visiting any real game reserves during your trip to Africa, I rather suspect Rhino Lion Park will be a pale shadow of those other experiences.

In fact a website that sells tours to Rhino Lion Park implies that very thought, "The Rhino and Lion Park is the perfect opportunity for the guest who does not have enough time to go to Kruger National Park, but still want [sic] to see some wild life."

However, I'm just guessing, as I haven't been to Rhino Lion Park myself.
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Apr 25th, 2004, 11:30 PM
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To echo Judy's comments: if you are going to the bush anywhere else in SA then don't bother with the Lion Park. The Lion Park is good for people who are really only going to be in the city areas of SA and not being exposed to the wildlife (non-human) at all. The only place to pet big cats I can think of is the De Wildt sanctuary where they breed cheetahs. However, the cubs are intended to be introduced to the wild so I doubt that the handlers would want them to become accustomed to people. I doubt that you will be able to pet any cubs unless the Jhb or Pretoria zoos have cubs in residence at the time of your visit.
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