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I brought Jemimas in Oudtshoorn to this boards attention about 4 years ago when I discovered it as a "hidden secret". Fortunately for Jemimas it lost its hidden secret status quite rapidly and moved into becoming one of the top 10 restaurants in SA with many Fodorites visiting the establishment via the recommendations on this board.

Recently I reported that I had heard that the restaurant was sold by the le Roux family. I can now confirm that this was a correct assumption as the establishment was sold to Pierre Malherbe. The new owner was originally schooled in Oudtshoorn however after his schooling he moved out of Oudtshoorn where amongst others he was involved in the establishment of the Cape Grace in Cape Town. With his new acquisition in Oudtshoorn he is returning to his roots.

After my last mail about Jemimas I suggested that Fodorites wait for some reports about the restaurant while under new management before they planned any visit to the establishment.

On Saturday night past I visited Jemimas. The wonderfully hospitable ex owners, viz the Le Roux’s, had already left the business and Pierre was running at full steam.

I can very, very, very happily report that Jemimas is still as good as it was, if not better.

Pierre has stuck to the original plan that Jemimas have always promoted (as he says "why change the direction of your sails when you are travelling on the optimum course already"). He has done everything perfectly inclusive of keeping the same menu and if you think that the Le Rouz family were hospitable then try Mr.Malherbe out for size and you will find that his management style, quality of product and general hospitality truly takes some beating. Myvsistors and I had a magnificent meal as well as wonderful evening at Jemimas. I was alos very happy to see so many of the old staff still in top form in the restaurant. Moreover I was very touched to see that Pierre has maintained a tradition at the end of the meal that the Le Roux family started where he acknowledges their input in starting the restaurant and allows patrons to enjoy a "swepie". I would prefer to keep the explanation of this word as well as the little ritual a secret so that it can surprise you all when you visit Jemimas one day.

In summary under Pierre Malherbe's management Jemimas is still at the top of the South African restaurant list and it definitely is worth ones while to visit Oudtshoorn simply to enjoy the wonderful food and atmosphere of this fabulous eating establishment


Enjoy the experience if you take my advice.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa

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