Itinery March 2006


Feb 15th, 2006, 04:45 AM
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Itinery March 2006

I've just discoverd this forum and wonder whether anyone has any comments or observations on the follwing itinerary's organizes for 4th March 2006 :

1. ATR
2. Roy Safaris
3. Swala Safaris

Option 1 ATR

04MAR2006 Arrival into Kilimanjaro International?

04MAR2006 Bus : Nairobi to Arusha

04MAR2006 Arusha : Moivaro Coffee Lodge
05MAR2006 Safari : Safari : Ngorongoro Crater : Ilmisigiyo : Private fly-camp
06MAR2006 Safari : Serengeti Olduvai Camp
07MAR2006 Safari : Serengeti Olduvai Camp
08MAR2006 Safari : Serengeti Ronjo Fly Camp
09MAR2006 Safari : Serengeti Olduvai Camp

10MAR2006 Fly : Arusha to Zanzibar

10MAR2006 Zanzibar : Palm Beach
11MAR2006 Zanzibar : Palm Beach
12MAR2006 Zanzibar : Palm Beach
13MAR2006 Zanzibar : Palm Beach
14MAR2006 Zanzibar : Palm Beach
15MAR2006 Zanzibar : Palm Beach
16MAR2006 Zanzibar : Dhow Palace
17MAR2006 Zanzibar : Dhow Palace

18MAR2006 Depart: Zanzibar International ?

Day 1: Arusha : Moivaro Coffee Lodge
As you fly into Nairobi in the morning the cheapest way to get to Arusha is to take the bus. This takes 6 hours and costs $25 USD per person. The other option is to fly but this will cost around $191 USD per person. I want to keep your costs down as much as possible so I think bus is a better option.

As before I suggest that you stay at Moivaro Coffee Lodge for your first night.

Day 2: Ngorongoro : Ilmisigiyo Campsite
Today I think you should head up to the Crater as before and then stay at Imisigyo Campsite.

Ilmisigiyo campsite is set in a grassy glad close to a Maasai village. This is where you base yourself before beginning the hike to the Serengeti the next day.
Ilmisigiyo Campsite. This puts you in a great position for the hike the next day.

Day 3: Southern Serengeti : Olduvai Camp
I think that this hike is incredible. If you like walking then this is a fantastic experience. It is something very few people do. It is totally off the beaten track and the views are outstanding.

The hike itself takes about 8 hours and is fairly tough going. It is in three stages ...

Once at the bottom your safari vehicle meets you and drives you the remaining distance to Olduvai Camp.

Day 4 : Central Serengeti : Ronjo Camp
As you have the time I think that you should spend a night in the central Serengeti. There is a huge concentration of game in this area and if you can you must see it. I suggest that you stay at Ronjo our private fly camp.

Accommodation is in walk in tents with camp beds and a ensuite toilet and shower tent. This camp is used exclusively for our customers with a maximum of eight people in camp at any one time. There is a cook who will be there to prepare your meals over the campfire. It really is a wonderful way to experience safari and it means that you can really get to explore the central region which has a high density of game.

Day 5 : Southern Serengeti : Olduvai Camp
Today you make your way back to Olduvai.

Day 6: Fly : Arusha to Zanzibar
Today you make your way back to Arusha to catch the flight to Zanzibar.

Option 2 Roy Safary
day1 arrive Arusha o/nite Impala hotel(BB)
day2 Arusha-Tarangire
day3 Manyara
day4 Serengeti
day5 Serengeti
day6 Serengeti-Ngorongoro
day7 Ngorongoro
day8 to Arusha + fly to Zanzibar trsf & o/n Kendwa rocks or matamwe beach village(BB)
day9 Zanzibar o/n Kendwa rocks or matamwe beach village(BB)
day10 Zanzibar o/n Kendwa rocks or matamwe beach village(BB)
day11 Zanzibar o/n Kendwa rocks or matamwe beach village(BB)
day12 Zanzibar o/n Kendwa rocks or matamwe beach village(BB)
day13 Zanzibar o/n Kendwa rocks or matamwe beach village(BB)
day14 trsf to ZNZ airport + fly to NBO

Option 3 Swala Safaris

04th March 2006.
Riverside Shuttle will picked you up from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport then drives to Arusha where you will be drop off at Novotel. The shuttle bus takes 4- 5hrs drives via Namanga Border. At the drop Off point Swala Safari representative will meet you and Tranfer you to the Lodge.
Dinner and Overnight Moivaro Coffee Plantation Lodge.

05th March 2006.
Depart after the breakfast to Lake Manyara National Park. Full day game drives in the Park.packed Lunch served in the Park.
Dinner and Overnight at Migunga Forest Camp .

06th March 2006.
After the breakfast drive to Lake Natron via Engaruka. Lake Natron Lunch
served at the camp. After Lunch hike to Engarasero Water falls and later afternoon game drives around Lake Natron shore.
Dinner and overnight Lake Natron Camp.

07th March 2006.
After the breakfast drive to Serengeti National Park with the game drives en route. You will have 7-8hrs drive via Sonjo Village and Wasso. Packed Lunch served en route.
Dinner and Overnight at Ikoma Bush Camp

08th March 2006.
After breakfast drive to Serengeti National Park. Full day game drives in
the park. Packed Lunch served in the Park. The are optional of night game drives
cost $ 20 per person (is included on the cost).
Dinner and Overnight at Ikoma Bush Camp.

09th March 2006.
After the breakfast drive to Ngorongoro - Ndutu Area with the game drive
en route. We would like to have the route through the Southern part of
Serengeti. Packed Lunch served en route.
Dinner and Overnight at Ndutu Safari Lodge.

10th March 2006.
Depart after breakfast drives ascent to the crater for full day. Packed
Lunch served in the crater.
Dinner and overnight at Ngorongoro Farm House Lodge.

11th March 2006.
Depart after breakfast to lake Eyasi via Karatu.Visit the the Bushman
with accompany by Bush man Guide, Walk around the Lake.
Dinner and overnight at Kisima Ngenda Luxury Tented Camp.

12th March 2006.
Walking some more with Bush Man guide to beautiful surroundings and nice
villages.After Luncg drive to Manyara.
Dinner and Overnight a E Unoto Lodge.

13th March 2006
Depart after breakfast to Arusha National Park for Canoeing and if
possible viewing the Momella Lakes. We understand there is a viewpoint
that will give us a view to Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Is it possible
to visit that as well and if you are lucky you will see Mount Kilimanjaro (if it will not be covered by clouds).Park lunch served in the park.
Dinner and overnight at Mount Meru Game Lodge.

14th March 2006
After breakfast drive toKilimanjaro Internationa Airport via Arusha where yo will take the Morning flight to Zanzibar by Precision Air.The flight will depart in arusha at11:00am arrived Zanzibar at 12:00am. Pongwe Beach representative will collect you fron Air Port.
Dinner and Overnight at Pongwe Beach Hotel H/B

15th March 2006
Dinner and Overnight at Pongwe Beach Hotel H/B

16th March 2006
Dinner and Overnight at Pongwe Beach Hotel H/B

17th March 2006
Zanzibar - Stone Town
Dinner and Overnight at Emerson & Green Hotel H/B

18th March 2006
You will have a afternoon Flight from Zanzibar to Nairobi with Precision Air which Deaprt Zanzibar at 16:30 arrival land in Nairobi at at 18:00hrs where you will connect with your international flight. But if you wish a Morning flight please let me know .

Any feedback you have would be much appreciated this is our first trip and it strickes me that there is positive feedback in this forum.
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Feb 15th, 2006, 05:27 AM
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Hi Dorian

It is great to see a different style of safari pop up here!

Unfortunately, these are apples & oranges. There is no way to compare. Perhaps it will help if you tell what you are looking for?

Options 1 is a trekking safari in rather populated areas. It talks about hiking to the Serengeti but both Ilmisigiyo and Olduvai are in the NCA - rather far from the Serengeti when walking. A bit confusing.

Option 2 is what? A normal drive safari? Where in the Serengeti? Which lodges or is it camping?

Option 3 is all over the place. A LOT of driving over REALLY bad roads. I am not sure about the purpose of this itinerary. Ikoma Bush Camp is outside the Serengeti in the wrong direction in March. Ndutu is good though. As is Kisima Ngeda. Why go to Lake Natron? The drive from Lake Natron to Ikoma in one day in March is a bad idea. It is way to long and in Loliondo there is little to see!

What exactly were you asking for when you contacted these companies?
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Feb 15th, 2006, 06:17 AM
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Thanks for your prompt respose ! now I'm really confused, Im looking for a Safari trip this March incorporating the best areas in Tanzania if you have any suggestions on itinerary or a recommendation for an operator that would be much appreciated ?
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Feb 15th, 2006, 10:55 AM
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OPTION 1: Too many nights at Olduvai Camp! For some reason ATR seems to have something of an obsession with Olduvai Camp and includes it in all of their itineraries. There's not much to do in this area, so three nights there is serious overkill. There is a lot of hiking/trekking and the accommodations in this option are quite basic -- is this all right?

OPTION 2: More detail is needed. Where are you staying in the Serengeti and Ngorongor?

OPTION 3: As previous poster noted, jumps all over the place, and has you in the wrong part of the Serengeti in March.

It's possible that this is the best the companies can do at this point, given that many places are booked up. What's your budget? Do you want to see Northern Tanzania and Zanzibar, or do you want to stay in Northern Tanzania? What do you want your trip to focus on -- wildlife, beach time, or a bit of both? A bit more information will help us help you.

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Feb 15th, 2006, 11:48 PM
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Thanks Julian

First of all I would like to be there in the first two weeks in March 2006.Ideally I would like to do the Northern Circuit with a few days in Zanzibar afterwoords for a rest prior to retuirn flight. So priority is seeing wildlife as much as possible bearing in mind the migration.

Budget is approximately £1,000.00 per person sharing.

Any thoughts on itinerary or operator that could assist would be much appreciated ?
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Feb 16th, 2006, 12:42 PM
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Your budget is on the small side for what you're trying to do. Personally, if I were you I would opt for a shorter but higher-quality trip, perhaps ten days rather than 2 weeks. I'd advise sticking to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, and cutting the Zanzibar portion to 3 or so days in order to spend more time (in nicer places) while you're on safari. A week in Zanzibar is a lot if all you want to do is rest up before flying home.

In March, the herds are likely to be on the short-grass plains in the southern Serengeti (Ndutu region). If your budget can manage it, I'd suggest trying for a couple of nights at Ndutu Lodge ($350/£200 pppn). If not, there are also a number of private campsites in the area. This map is quite useful:

This would be preferable to Olduvai where the game viewing is not very good. One night at Olduvai is enough to give you the chance to walk with the local Maasai and see what there is to see in this area.

Ronjo is a nice camp, but looks a bit too far north for the time of year you will be there.

You can follow this up with a night or two in the Ngorongoro area, and then a few days on Zanzibar.

Good Earth has gotten particularly good reviews here for their pricing -- you may want to contact them.

Good luck!

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Feb 16th, 2006, 01:00 PM
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The flight to/from Zanzibar is going to eat into your budget unless you're counting flight costs separately. On the other hand, Zanzibar has a wealth of inexpensive guesthouses so you'll likely "save" here.

As Julian has suggested, you could shorten the safari to spend less. But don't whittle down your time in the Serengeti--it's a magnificent park.

I listed a few reputable budget operators on your other thread before I saw this. I'm not sure how you feel about camping but you could potentially mix that with some of the lower-priced lodges to get a little more bang for your buck. Or your pound.

Good luck.
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