Istanbul Apartment Rental April 2003


Jan 14th, 2003, 12:52 PM
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Istanbul Apartment Rental April 2003

I am planning to spend April 2003 in Istanbul, Turkey. I am wanting info regarding apartment rentals in that city. In April 2002, I was able to rent a 2 bedroom unit with kitchenette and living room in an Apartment/Hotel in Antalya, Turkey for $260 for the entire month. This was a fully modern and clean unit about 4 blocks from Mediterranean Sea.

So I would appreciate any information you can provide to me concerning month long apartment rentals in Istanbul. These can be either in apartment/hotel units or in standard apartment units where Turkish people live full time.

Please DON'T tell me anything about hotels, or daily and weekly rental rates (which are too scary to hear) for apartments. I will want a 2 bedroom unit with kitchen and living room. Some considerations would be: Close to a bus stop, close to a large grocery store, have some nearby restaurants, and be a block or two away from the busiest streets and other noisy distractions. Perhaps you have friends or acquaintances
that might want to rent out their apartments for a month.

Let's first concentrate on the apartment situation, and later you can give me your recommendations concerning the many things to do in and around Istanbul.

Thanks greatly for your help.
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