Istanbul and pamukkale


Jun 14th, 2000, 09:50 AM
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Istanbul and pamukkale

Just returned from Istanbul and Pamukkale of Turkey.

I want to warn travelers of the follwoing:

Be very careful not to enter into a carpet shop unless you know you want to buy is ready to negotitate for a carpet.

Otherwise, stay away from aggressive carpet shop owners and salesman. I met this one woman traveling alone in Istanbul and she told me that she went into a carpet shop and got sexually harrassed. She did not like any of the carpets but was detained in there for 45 minutes and did not how to get out of the situation. Single woman travelers need to be very firm in Turkey in dealing with aggressive and freindly Turkish men.

Also, becareful when Turkish men approach you and starts being your friend and being helpful to you. Turkish men approaching you on the streets appear to be freindly and helpful but they are so called personal tour guides. If you let them follow you around the city, they will ask you to pay them for their tour guide services cause that is what they do for a living. Basically, they are husseling in the streets for business. If you do not want them to follow you around, just say I am with a large tour group and is heading back to the hotel to meet with the rest of the group.

In Pamukkale,Turkey, locals will welcome you into their home for some Turkish tea and experience their Turkish hospitality. Be very careful here because "nothing is for free". They are trying to SELL you something and you are then obligated to purchase something from them since you enter their home and had their tea.

Despite all the above warinings, Turkey is a great place to visit and I have ran into some genuinely helpful and freindly local people there.

JUST BECAREFUL and have fun if you plan to visit Turkey.
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Jun 14th, 2000, 02:36 PM
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We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Istanbul and now want to see the Ephesus and Cappadocia areas.
Did you visit these areas?
We would appreciate you suggestions
Tell us more about Pamukkale.
How did you travel? Tour group, on your own? what did you use for transporation.
Please feel free to email us directly.
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Jun 20th, 2000, 04:58 PM
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Our experiences in Istanbul were wonderful. We arrived at the Blue Mosque in time for services. As we started walking away, a young men introduced himself, took us on a tour of the Haija Sophia, plus the Mosaic museum. Yes, he brought us to his home for sweet tea. He refused any money and did not try to sell us anything. He stated that his English teacher told him to practise his English with Americans because they are so friendly. We met his family and had a wondeerful experience. We are both over 65 and we had our 12 year old grand daughter with us. The next day, we had a similar experience at the Blue Mosque.
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