Israeli food


Dec 11th, 1999, 08:08 AM
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Israeli food

Our trip includes two meals daily. Breakfast and dinner. It is listed as 'Israeli buffets'.

What type of food should we expect? Would it be much different from a buffet in the United states?

We are also going to Egypt for three days. What about Egyptian food?

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Dec 12th, 1999, 01:42 PM
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Hi, Helen,
You don't say what sort of accommodation you're using, but "typical" breakfast buffets consist of dairy selections (cheeses, yogurt, etc.) with the wonderful and ubiquitous Israeli chopped salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.), maybe some boiled or scrambled eggs, bread or rolls, maybe some fish, never any meat (remember dietary laws are followed by virtually all hotels). Often a major meal for many Israelis, breakfast is usually a real winner.
Dinner buffets can be dairy or meat, usually the latter in tourist centers. Dinner buffets we've had have run the range from OK to so so.
Neither will be like their US counterparts. Especially in some of the kibbutz hotels, think summer camp rather than Las Vegas. I'm sure there are exceptions, of course.
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Dec 15th, 1999, 04:59 PM
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The description of Israeli breakfasts is pretty accurate.We found that teh breakfast got better with the class of hotel (a real no brainer!) Don't expect heaavy greasy fried American style breakfast buffet; think yogurts, fish, grains, lots of fruits, dates, figs, prunes,israeli salads etc. Truly, the breakfasts are great...healthy and filling!
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Dec 16th, 1999, 11:05 PM
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My experience in Eilat was a very nice buffet breakfast with influences from many countries (mediterranean, middle-east and eastern Europe). It was in fact almost a "lunch" !
Regarding Egypt, all my friends say "mind the tourista". It is supposed to be a must... even if you only eat cooked vegetables. I just went to the Sinai for one day visit and ate in a local restaurant. The whole group had no problem. However I got reports from friends going to Egypt (Cairo, Nile River, Sharm al Sheik) and they all experienced some difficulties with food.
Remember to drink only bottled water and don't forget to bring specific medecines with you. However local medecines bought in Egypt seemed to work better than the ones from Europe or from the USA.
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