Israel Tour for 2 Women: Possible?

Jun 8th, 1998, 07:45 PM
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Israel Tour for 2 Women: Possible?

My mother-in-law and I want to visit Israel. We can't persuade the spouses, so, we're going it alone... I'm 48, she's 65, and while we don't feel that a tour with the Hadassah sisterhood is quite us, nor is 2 weeks on a kibbutz. Can anyone help? We want a bit of history, some food, we like to walk, see/perhaps dive the Red Sea... Ride a camel, spend a day or so visiting Petra. We want old rocks, old artifacts, fresh figs. Would be grateful for any input. Thanks!
Jun 10th, 1998, 06:52 AM
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Teri: of course it's possible. You'll have to first make up your mind though what you'd prefer to see. A decent guide book should be a good start. Maybe you also should try out Then, go down in this very forum a few months back to the posting dated May 23. I remember that SUEQ who recommnded a B&B in Jerusalem had good experience planning her own tour. I guess that you'd be better off (price wise) if you have your travel agent reserve at least some of your hotels, or your rental car - should you plan self driving. Otherwise, you can also book short bus tours while already in Israel. e.g. United-Tours, who even do Petra. See their phone number on a May 27 posting.
Jun 12th, 1998, 05:16 PM
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Hey Teri: If you want male company, let me know. I too want to go there. I like dates and figs and I will take a picture of you and your mother at Petra! I like your attitude - leave the guys at home to watch tv
Jun 13th, 1998, 03:12 AM
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Hi Teri,
I did the same trip with my mother inlaw years ago,it was great fun. We booked a week long tour around the country just to get the feel of it, then we booked into a hotel in Jerusalem for two weeks and did it by ourselves, I highly recomend doing it this way. The buses are very good and you can go almost anywhere very quickly and inexpensively. I've since been back with my husband and we hired a car which was the best way to do it but was a little hair-raising, also you have to know where it isn't safe to go. I was back again recently, stay with my son and his freinds for their last week of work on a kibbutz-very eye opening! Then we did the 'back packing' thing, stayed in a youth hostel,ect. it was wonderful. We once again used the bus system a lot and found it very good. The Israeli people are very freindly and helpful and I think you will have a great trip. I can't wait till I go back again next year. Good luck, have fun.
Jun 14th, 1998, 12:33 PM
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Thank you all for your reactions Think I'll now begin looking into a partial "booked tour" and partial independent travel approach. That seems a reasonable compromise. Will continue to keep an eye on this forum for more ideas. Again, thank you much!
Jun 25th, 1998, 08:54 PM
Sue Hamby
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Teri: My girlfriend and I went to Israel and Egypt last November and had no difficulties at all. Although I had an idea on where I wanted to go, I did not book my tours until I got in Jerusalem. I found that the day tours that Egged Tours had were very good. They were reasonable and very comfortable. My tour to Egypt was scheduled from Jerusalem by Massada Tours and it was also good. The people are so friendly and helpful that two women will have no difficulty at all. The only problem that I had was when I got off a camel after riding it around the pyramids. They are great fun but you have to be careful when it gets up and when it comes down. All in all, it was a wonderful vacation and I plan to go back to Israel. Let me know if I can answer any questions. I can also tell you that Eli is very helpful and knowledgable. He and I have communicated on the computer several times. Right, Eli. Sue

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