Israel/Egypt/Jordan - Trip Insurance


Oct 17th, 2000, 07:54 AM
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Israel/Egypt/Jordan - Trip Insurance

I'll be traveling with family and friends in March 2001 to Egypt/Israel/Jordan. We have a 50% deposit in and air tickets in hand. We're going to wait until January, when our final pmt is due, to see how(if) things work themselves out before cancelling trip or rerouting around Israel.

Anyone have any suggestions on a good, reliable travel insurance company? At the time of booking, we were told we wouldn't have to purchase tvl insurance until final payment. I did a web search and came up with a ton of companies. Also, companies that will cover us given the State Dept Warning. Anyone with any experience with travel insurance and getting out of a country due to civil unrest/terrorism? At this point I think we may be out of luck on getting our deposits back.... Any help would be appreciated! b

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Oct 20th, 2000, 05:30 PM
Linda Thompson
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We always buy travel insurance for major trips, but, luckily have never needed it. Other than trip cancellation, our primary reason is the emergency medical transportation coverage, which can cost as much as $20K. Another feature is trip delay, meaning that if your connecting transportation is delayed and you miss the start of your tour, cruise, etc., the insurance pays to transport you to join the trip in progress. And there's some coverage for luggage, but I don't remember the details. (Unfortunately, I tossed the insurance policy when we returned from Egypt a few weeks ago.)

One final suggestion--from a professional consumer advocate in the Atlanta area--don't buy the insurance from the same company that you use to purchase your trip. If one goes "bust," the other probably will, too.


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Oct 21st, 2000, 10:46 AM
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I can recommend CSA Insurance at We have used them twice. In February we had to cancel our trip to Egypt because of a death in the family and all our monies were refunded promptly. A previous trip where we had to take an unexpected helicopter ride the cost was also refunded very quickly. The only disadvantage which applies to a lot of companies is that you are not covered for any pre-existing medical condition (including relatives in some cases) which might cause a problem unless you apply for the insurance within I think 10 days of deposit. So, I don't know why you were told you didn't need insurance until the final deposit was made. Just curious what would happen to the monies you already have deposited if you had to cancel Israel. I realize you probably could not do that in your case though. Am not sure of CSA policy regarding civil unrest/terrorism, you would have to give them a call - it's always so hard to decipher those darn policies.
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