is zimababwe safe


Jan 31st, 2007, 05:49 AM
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is zimababwe safe

Looking to go next year, and need to fly out of harare with my kids. How easy is it to get from vic valls to harare? Is harare itself safe?
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Jan 31st, 2007, 07:22 AM
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In regard to Zimbabwe, it is too early to make any comments about next year (2008) because of possible political upheaval. Right now, Zimbabwe is fairly safe (I was there in October/November, 2006), but you must be cautious about your possessions and where you travel. There is a new, fancy airport in Harare. Without verifying the fact, I am sure that there are flights from Harare to Vic Falls. ZZ
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Jan 31st, 2007, 05:10 PM
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Air Zimbabwe use to fly daily from Vic Falls to Harare, you'll have to check closer to your trip to see if they still do. You can also travel by bus or train, but these would be very long trips compared to flying.

Zambezi is correct that it is impossible to predict what the situtation will be in 2008. My wife and I traveled in Zimbabwe in September and again in November 2006. In September we traveled by bus from Jo'Burg to Masvingo and then by cab (well, a car with holes in the floor) to Great Zimbabwe. We stayed in a rondavel there and then (after a short ride in the back of pickup on top of some laundry bags), took a minibus with about 30 locals 15 miles back to Masvingo. Then we set off for Harare, a 3 hour trip that became 8 hours because the bus had a flat and no jack. In Harare we had pizza and caught an overnight bus to Lusaka, Zambia. En route we passed (literally) through a huge brush fire and while waiting on the bus at 3AM for the Zambia border to open had the bus next to ours attacked by an elephant. During the entire trip, entirely on public transportation, the only other whites we saw, but didn't talk to, were on a safari bus at Great Zimbabwe. We had no problems on the trip, met many very friendly people, and never felt unsafe. I will say that some of the people we traveled on the bus were worried we might have problems and one young man insisted on staying with us in Harare until we had gotten on the Zambia bus because the area around the main bus station was not considered safe at night.

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