Is Turkey's coast overrated?


Jul 30th, 1998, 08:12 AM
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Is Turkey's coast overrated?

Hi. I'm thinking about taking a cruise along the Meditterranean and Aegean, but a friend told me that the coast is overrated and that it's better to go to Greece if I want water. She said the water is dirty and it's way too touristy. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to get to Cappadocia, which I've heard is the most magnificent of all. Any advice?? Is it worth it, the coast??
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Jul 30th, 1998, 08:14 PM
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Water quality -- whether in Greece or Turkey -- depends on how close one is to a major metropolitan area, ocean currents, shipping lanes, etc. Kilyos on the Black Sea only a few miles north of Istanbul is fine. Good sand beach, clear water. On the other hand, beaches around Adana and Iskenderun suffer from industrial pollutants. We found water around Antalya was just fine. We would avoid the Sea of Marmara, depending on weather conditions. Lots of marine traffic. If you get away from Athens and sewage outfalls from other Greek cities, beaches are OK. By no means go into the water in the Piraeus/Cape Sounion area. Raw sewage and oil. The Black Sea coast east of the Istanbul area offers few ideal beaches (often black sand or rocky). Much better beaches found along the Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts, especially in small coves. Some of the best beaches in the Med are to the west; Sardinia, Corsica, Tunisia. Be particularly careful of jellyfish; they can still sting like crazy.
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Aug 19th, 1998, 01:19 AM
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The quality of the water and the amount of touristy places is the same in Greece and Turkey. However,I would recommend Turkey as a better choice. The Turkish Med and most of the Aegean is actually quite clean,you only find heavy pollution near big cities. There are many beautiful bays to explore on the Turkish coast,and the coast has many ancient cities (ruins ) to spend a day in.The penninsula that sticks out from marmaris has a place called Datcha on it and this is a favorite for cruises.The coastline at the western end of the med is framed by the Taurus mountains which is a wonderful sight. Cappadocia is magnificent I recommend it too.
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Aug 19th, 1998, 04:27 PM
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In my limited experience, most of the towns where cruise boat go are stuffed with tourist shops, tourists, T shirts, bars and cafes. Unless you have an opportunity to visit major ruins, I think you will disappointed.
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