Is the migration a "must see"

Feb 3rd, 2006, 07:56 PM
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Is the migration a "must see"

I am posting a new message because I do not know which thread to post this message on. I have asked questions before and all of you are great at responding.

We are working on our African trip and are still undecided between East Africa and Botswana. This is my question. My brother-in-law and friends who have already been to SA and Botswana are going with Nat. Habitat to see the migration in February. The question is should we
1. spend a week in Kenya and join them for the the migration which is being done in mobile tents.
2. Go to Kenya and Tanzania on our own and stay in permanent tented camps?
3. Wait until April or May and go to Botswana and VF when the prices are not has high as they are in August.
Since we will be using FF miles I need to make a decision for February of 2007 pretty soon or the seats are filled.
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Feb 3rd, 2006, 08:41 PM
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Hi! Feb, 2007......the migration should be in the should be looking at spending majority of your trip'd be better off combining ngorongoro/southern serengeti/central serengeti......

If you, have already been to SA, Botswana.......this will be a different alternative and a different perspective.
Feb 4th, 2006, 12:22 AM
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Any of your choices is great safari.

This "open air museum" presents a different show to every single client - but all r great shows !!! (and cannot be compared !)

February is not only migration - it is CALVING season (more likely second half of Feb). It is a predators festival ...

i don't like "must see" formulas...
If u finally decide to go to Botswana this is your "must see" & don't look back
On the other hand some of the phenomena which r considered most attractive (by most safari lovers) r hard to promise: a hunt, a kill, etc'
in Feb at Serengeti mobile camp promises r fulfilled...

if u have the slightest feeling u may ask yourself later "wasn't it a mistake NOT to choose migration ?" - make the choice that would not leave u even the least frustrated

Enjoy it (it's a command

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Feb 4th, 2006, 04:37 AM
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Hi, I think u will enjoy the trip in feb much better in tanzania then kenya or botswana. I am not saying that the migration is a must see because serengeti at any time of the year is great but the migration is wonderful to watch and if u have a choice I would prefer feb, Sonali
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Feb 4th, 2006, 08:14 AM
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First of all "must see" is really more accurately "must try to see" since nothing is a given with nature. But at least with the migration, you are likely to see huge numbers of wildebeest and zebra even if you happen to miss the peak of the migration.

Much as I enjoy trying to hang out where the migration is, I don't think it is a "must see" if you are going to the continent of Africa. That's because there are so many other great wildlife areas and sights. If you asked me if seeing the Eiffel Tower is a "must see" on a trip to Paris, I would answer yes. So that puts the response in context.

Is the migration a must see if you are going to be in Tanzania in Feb? Oh yes, and as was mentioned maybe calving too!

Is the migration a must see if you are in Kenya or Tanzania in June-Sept? I would certainly set up the itinerary to include being where the big herds are.

So here's my take on your specific 3 options, none of which would disappoint:

1. spend a week in Kenya and join them for the the migration which is being done in mobile tents.

This would be my choice #1 because:
A. Assuming you like your brother-in law and friends, you will have a ready-made group of compatible travelers. Nat Hab does not have big groups, so you and your friends would comprise the majority of the tour.

B. Nat Hab is a highly reputable company that I've traveled with 3x (but not to Africa) and they would do a great job.
Despite their guarantee of the lowest price for any similar trip, I think they are a bit more pricey, but they will deliver well on this possible once in a lifetime trip. I'm planning a 4th Nat Hab trip.

C. If it turns out to not be a once in a lifetime trip, which seems to be the norm for most of us, then your options #2 and #3 can be done any other time. But traveling with relatives/friends during the peak migration time is a nice combination of factors all falling together. It seems you should take advantage of that.

D. Mobile camping is so cool. What a great opportunity. You may decide you like that concept of travel enough that any future trips could include some or all mobile camping and mobile camping is a less expensive way to see Botswana. Again, this assumes you'll go back.

E. Youll have the mobile tenting in Tanzania and can do permanent tented camps in Kenya. It is the best of both worlds and both countries.

2. Go to Kenya and Tanzania on our own and stay in permanent tented camps?
This would be my choice #2 and Id do it for these reasons

A. If you truly do not like the idea of mobile camping. But the way Nat Hab does mobile camping and they way most luxury mobiles are done is in a very comfortable manner. For the Serengeti, mobile makes the most sense to me because of the herd movements.

B. You do not want to join your brother-in-law and friends and you can use your aversion to mobile camping as a polite excuse.

3. Wait until April or May and go to Botswana and VF when the prices are not has high as they are in August.
Last choice because you will have more rain and not as good game viewing in April and May. But it will still be nice.

Let us know what you decide.

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Feb 4th, 2006, 09:27 AM
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I will be in tanzania for the last 2 weeks in March. Will I be missing the whole 'calving' season? What can I expect as far as migration viewing? We are staying in Olakira and Serena Central Serengeti.
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