Is Staying 5 nites Just In Johannesburg too long?


Nov 25th, 1998, 01:59 AM
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Is Staying 5 nites Just In Johannesburg too long?

I'm planning a trip to S Africa in Dec. Had initially planned to stay just in Johannesburg for 5 nites but reading thru all the travel guides, there don't seem to be much to do there. Can anyone advise if I should instead split these 5 dys and cover Cape Town as well. Is Cape Town really worth seeing?
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Nov 25th, 1998, 04:48 PM
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I've made several trips to So. Africa. There isn't enough to see in Joburg and the crime situation is bad so I would suggest you avoid the city totally or spend one or two days max.
Capetown is wonderful, beautiful and so much to see, not only in the city but in the outlying areas all the way down to the Cape and up in the Winelands and Stellenbosch.
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Nov 27th, 1998, 04:21 PM
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We went to SA early this year, and Jburg is not the place to spend your time. Crime is very high, otherwise just another big city. But do try "Jimmy's Face to Face" tour of Soweto. Interesting, and seemed safe.
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Dec 22nd, 1998, 11:36 AM
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Dear Serena

Contrary to what public opinion has to say about Johannesburg, there is a lot to do. Granted most of it is difficult to find in guide books, with a little bit of help from some one like me who runs a lodge and travel centre in Johannesburg who would point you in the right direction giving you lots of interesting nooks and crannies to explor of the beeten track in Jo-burg.

We will evan meet you at the airport when you arrive.

I do hope that you will stay and see for yourself that it definately is not as bad as what all the publicity says.

Jo-burg is the New York of africa and will kidnap your heart and steal your soal.
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