Is it true about Jo'burg?


Aug 12th, 1999, 08:56 AM
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Is it true about Jo'burg?

My company is opening a branch next year in Jo'burg. I would like to know what it's like for a white guy nowadays. Is it possible to spend a pleasant working day in Jo'burg and then socialize in the evening, or will I be a prisoner in my own home? I have heard horror stories about carjackings, rape and murder, which fill me with trepidation about applying to relocate there. If you have 1999 info, I would be very grateful.
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Aug 12th, 1999, 12:52 PM
Jim Downing
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David- The crime problem in J'burg is REALLY serious, but life goes on. Some of the people who have lived there say that the night life is pretty good once you know your way around. We visited SA & J'burg last year and had a great time- if this is your only chance to go there, I'd go for it. Alertness is always the most important ingrediant in safety, but if you are inclined to do so, SA used to allow citizens and foreigners to carry firearms. Perhaps it is still legal.
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Aug 22nd, 1999, 09:16 AM
Jasper Louw
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Hi David,
I'm a "white guy" staying in South Africa, just outside Joh'burg. Yes, crime is a problem but as else where in the world the best way to handle it, is just good common sence. If you intend to stay in Joh'burg it will be wise to stay out of the city centre, as in most of the big cities in the world. The surrounding areas of Joh'burg are very nice and there are more than enough to do in the evenings.
Contact me if you need more info.
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