Is a two day trip to Morocco from Spain worthwhile


Feb 7th, 2001, 08:16 AM
joy Laking
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Is a two day trip to Morocco from Spain worthwhile

My friend and I are in Spain for several weeks in March and we are considering a short trip to Morocco. Is there a recommended tour from Malaga that's actually worthwhile? Can we do it on our own and what should we see and where should we stay?
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Feb 17th, 2001, 05:30 PM
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Hi Joy:
I usually hang out on the Europe site so just found this question of yours. My husband and I took a trip to Morocco from the Malaga area a few years ago. It was definitely worth it, however, you should consider one that is a bit longer than 2 days. Perhaps 5 is a good span to see something other than Tangier. I think that if that is all I ever saw of Morocco I would say it was not a very interesting place. With the added time we got to see Fes and some of the mountain villages. One little village in the mountains called Chef Chaouen (sp?) was my first experience waking up listening to the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer! A wonderful moment in my travelling career. We watched a wedding wind it's way through the streets one night (all night!).
Fes is too wonderful for words.
It's painless from Malaga so do yourself a favour and see as much as you can.
Take some low denomination Canadian (I noticed from your email address that you are in Canada too) or US$ for bartering with the locals.(not sure if they take our loonies or toonies however, but $5.00CAD are great) Even the children who are selling things know the exact rate of exchange for every currency the world has. They are amazing. (our banks should hire them for their knowledge)
Enjoy your holiday!
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