Insurance Coverage while in Egypt


Jun 2nd, 2015, 02:55 PM
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Depends on how you travel. I rarely bother with it and it's very expensive. If everything is pre-paid, then you likely need it, but I often have very little pre-paid.
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Jun 2nd, 2015, 03:24 PM
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sandi - I only insure what I can't afford to lose, like my house and its contents. Once one has enough saved to live for the rest of one's life, life insurance on my partner is no longer required. I can afford to lose the money paid for a vacation - it's a vacation, something that if I can't afford to lose I shouldn't be taking in the first place. I can't afford a long hospitalization for injury or illness.

That has now changed and it adds a lot of cost and aggravation. In order to be covered for a pre-existing condition, I need to remember to add to my policy every time I prepay for anything additional within a week or two of paying. If I forget, I will not be covered. Just a simple thing like prepaying for a round of golf or a museum ticket will nullify my coverage.

Dianne - so I can't get med insurance with a pre-existing condition without also paying for travel insurance? I didn't quite understand.

Healthcare isn't free anywhere.

Thanks everyone. This has all been helpful.
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Jun 2nd, 2015, 03:34 PM
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There have been a number of reports on the Europe board of people being treated without charge in Europe, where health care is paid for by general taxation and not by the patient at the point of delivery. When I broke my wrist in Switzerland and wound up in the hospital I was charged, but when I saw the emergency doctor in Italy I was not charged.
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Jun 2nd, 2015, 04:32 PM
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Yes, you can get medical expense coverage with a pre-existing condition if you purchase the plan within 21 days of your trip deposit. A direct quote from Travelex:

"Pre-existing Condition means an illness, disease, or other condition during the 60 day period immediately prior to the date the plan payment has been received by the Policyholder for which you or your Traveling Companion, Domestic Partner, Business Partner or Family Member is scheduled or booked to travel with you:
1. received or received a recommendation for a diagnostic test, examination, or medical treatment; or
2. took or received a prescription for drugs or medicine.
Item (2) of this definition does not apply to a condition which is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine and remains treated or controlled without any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the 60 day period before coverage is effective under this Policy."

Travelex plans are basically comprehensive. There's really no "a la carte" as I have said. A comprehensive plan is all inclusive. You can't say "yes, I want this. No, I don't want that." for core integral parts of the plan. If you want medical, it's there. You want trip delay, it's there. You want med evac, it's there. You want med expense coverage, it's there. You want lost baggage insurance, it's there. All part of the plan.

I'm more than happy to clarify anything that's still not clear. If you'd like, you can contact me via my profile.

I find Travelex plans offer a great comprehensive plan at a great price if that's what you're looking for, whether you have a pre-existing condition or not.

Africa Direct USA
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Jun 2nd, 2015, 11:22 PM
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Dianne - that's not true. I can plug in 0 (zero) for my trip cost on the website ( and it spits out a cost. So I can get med/evac, plus a lot of other coverage, without covering the travel. Unfortunately, pre-existing condition coverage is not included unless I also insure the travel. When I enter a cost, which must include every prepaid cost, including airfare, and the price gets much higher. I have used Travelex in the past and didn't cover the travel.

So I think I found one. GeoBlue has a $1 million/$500,000 med/evac policy that is very affordable. I will have to read the fine print for more details, but a cursory read was positive. $50 for two people in their mid 50's for 2 weeks in S Africa with pre-existing coverage, no lookback. Yay! Thanks for making me check into it!
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