Jun 9th, 2000, 10:22 AM
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What do you recommend insofar as getting innoculations before traveling in Egypt? Does Egypt require that tourists have any innoculations before entering the country? Also, does anyone have a recommendation for the most effective insect repellent?

I'm reading travel information from several different web sites, and some of the information is conflicting.

I've travel to the interior of mainland China without any medical problems, but some of the reports on Egypt sound pretty ominous.

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Jun 10th, 2000, 04:26 AM
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Innoculations for tetanus, hepatitus, and a few others were recommended by some guide books. We did not do anything and no one asked us on arrival, during our trip, or leaving. We did not get sick but illnesses we heard of from others included diarreah and dehydration. Many of us brought Immodium tablets for the diarreah and shared them with others. It worked OK but our Eqyptologist obtained a cheap local cure that worked better. The cruise ship also gave out complimentary electrolite solution that you mix with bottled water for those who experienced signs of dehydration. One of the people in our group sunbathed in the 100+ degree sun and drank alcohol. He ended up in a local doctor's care getting shots of ?? after passing out at at Karnak. (please forget booze on this trip-neither bring it or buy it there. There it's expensive watered down and, I'm told tastes horrible). Stick on the main tourist paths, do not eat unpeeled fruit or uncooked vegetables, drink sealed bottled water and you stand a good chance of escaping sickness. Another good suggestion is before you go pick up at your chain drug store some small bottles of antibacterial hand lotion. In concentrate, a small drop rubbed over your hands with cleanse your hands of any harmful bacteria from things you touch.Your hands are as suseptable to picking up a lot of germs as well. One of the folks in the group had some and shared it with all. Re: the insects: OFF was brought and sold over there. Mosquitos and flies are horrible there. It seemed to work OK those who use it (I'm allergic to it so I got eaten earlier in the trip)We also brought a small tube of 100%Aloe for bites, sunburn and #35 sunscreen. Also mentioned earlier, light cotton long sleeve shirts and slacks will save you bites and burns and actually keep you cooler and command greater respect/service from locals(An Egyptian's secret).
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