Info request on Prague, Czech Republic


Jul 19th, 1997, 07:05 AM
Wilco van Eeden
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Info request on Prague, Czech Republic

I recently received a job offer that will cause me to move to Prague. Before accepting the offer, I would like to receive ANY info on the city and country, etc. living costs, safety, transport, accommodation to rent/buy and pricing.
Thanks a lot!!!!!
Wilco van Eeden
24 Blue Crane Street
Republic of South Africa
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Jul 24th, 1997, 08:26 AM
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Prague is absolutly beautiful! It is up and coming and there are a lot of opportunities. There is an influx of Americans that have relocated there and started buisnesses and are hanging out. The cost of living is generally inexpensive ( actually it is cheap ). And I would assume that you could find a grat place there. The crime rate is relativly low especially compared to the US. Also they have a subway system although if you do not speak Czech then it could be a little difficult. But I did not have a problem. Go see the movie Koyla if it is still out. If not rent it. it takes place in Prague and the scenery is great! Remember you can always go back home if you hate it, but what a great opportunity! Good Luck!
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Jul 26th, 1997, 06:46 AM
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Wilco - You would get a whole lot more responses on Prague if you moved your message to the 'Europe' section, instead of placing it here in the 'Africa' section.
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