How safe is Kenya?


Dec 30th, 2000, 01:46 AM
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How safe is Kenya?

We are considering travelling to Kenya for a mainly beach based holiday around Mombasa with a short safari as part of it.
We are a bit concerned about tales of tourist stabbings, and jewellery snatching which have been in the British press over the past year. Are we worrying unecessarily?

Any feedback gratefully received, aswell as any hotel recommendations.

many thanks.
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Jan 1st, 2001, 01:44 PM
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Anyone who wears expensive jewelry to ANY third world country is an idiot to begin with. The same advice goes for travelling to any foreign country or big cities where you stick out as a TOURIST. You make yourself a target for every clever pickpocket or unsophisticated grab-and-run thief.
Wear a CHEAP watch and if you must wear a wedding ring, stick to a simple, narrow gold band -- even if it is a fake gold. Leave the rest at home.
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Jan 8th, 2001, 03:14 AM
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Hi Debbie
We are African safari operators and I have visited Kenya frequently.
Unfortunately Mombassa (like many African cities) does suffer from more than it's share of petty crime but, if reasonable care is taken (such as leaving fancy watches and jewellry, etc at home, then it is fairly safe. The smaller towns away from Mombassa, such as Lamu, are safer, or you could consider Pema Island or Zanzibar.
Please visit our website
and write if you need more information
Best wishess
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