how much time...


Jun 4th, 2003, 01:24 AM
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how much time...

how long does it take to go from...

tel aviv to beirut by car or bus?
beirut to cyprus by ferry?
cyprus to antalya, turkey by ferry?
antalya, turkey to cairo by plane?
cairo to amman?
and amman to jerusalem by car or bus?

thanks! if you can, can you please tell me the best way of transportation for these places, if, say, taking a bus isn't that great? again, thank you.
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Jun 4th, 2003, 05:28 AM
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Fate - Do not have any Ferry info for you. Check the Turkish or Cyprus websites and check for Ferry schedules.

For Car/Bus Travel -
TLV to Beirut - It's doable, except don't believe borders is open to allow you to can cross at this point. If it was possible, it's about 3-hrs TLV to border, then about aother 3-hrs to Beirut. But you can cross from Jordan to Lebanon, probably also 6-hrs. plus any border control delays.

Antalya to Cairo - can't do without going via Istanbul (ANT/IST is 1-hr), where flight time IST/CAI is about 2-1/2-hrs.

Cairo to Amman - Flight time CAI/AMM is 1-1/4 hrs.

Amman to Jerusalem - via the Allenby bridge, while close by. About 30-min. or less to bridge on either side - but delays are due to border control.

Remember - getting in/out of Israel to/from Arab countries, if possible, are delayed by border controls - you've got to have correct paperwork (including your driver) or you'll not be allowed to enter, either direction and some crossing are closed at certain times.
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