How much is your time worth?


Aug 24th, 2004, 02:52 AM
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How much is your time worth?

I am trying to put together a package that will connect Madikwe Game Reserve to the Sabi Sand Reserve on the same day.

I have located a private charter that will provide air transport for about $1,400 ($700pps) USD and get me to the Sabi Sand in about 90 minutes.

Otherwise, I will have to pay $100 per person for a transfer back to Sun City, fly from Sun City for possibly $150 pp back to Joburg for the night, spending a minimum of $125 pp for the night, including airport transfers. So, now, I am up to $375 USD pps, have lost a days time, and still must spend about $150 pp more for my flight to Hoedspruit...and I am not even through yet! Now, up to $525 USD pps, I will probably have to spend an additional $50 pps for the road transfer, getting me up to $575 pp, or $1,150 USD total, a mere $250 USD less than a charter flight, and requiring an extra 26+ hours!!! The charter flight will take me directly to Simbambili, where I want to be, not costing me another penny for road transfers.

I think I have answered my own question...thank you!

Is there any other less expensive and LESS TIME CONSUMING way to get from Madikwe to the Sabi Sand? Thanks.
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Aug 24th, 2004, 02:57 AM
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Actually, I just saved 3,760 ZAR over the 9,500 ZAR it will cost for the charter. That 3,760 will pay for all my gratuities for the entire trip.

Talk to people and learn:

Their is a schedule flight from Madikwe to Johannesburg international @ R1175 per person Depart madikwe 13h15 arrive JHB 14h15. Depart JHB 14h30 for Simbambili @ R 1695 per person. These flights are linked so you wont miss the connecting flight.

So, for anybody that would like to go from Madikwe to Sabi Sand in the same day, the above is the (only?) way to do it in an efficient manner.

And with that, I am ready to collapse from exhaustion. Nighty-night!
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