How long to stay in Vic Falls


Nov 25th, 2005, 01:47 PM
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How long to stay in Vic Falls

Everyone has an opinion, but the approach seems a little awkward to me.

When planning your visit, maybe you should check the activities you plan on engaging yourself in. I prefer to look at how many full days(nites).

Like whitewater rafting kind of sucks the life out of a day right there. So, including the arrival day, thats 2 nites in VF.

So, when planning a visit, go through the lists of activities you might want to do,and construct a time frame to do it in.

Problems may develop if you have a fanatic with you. Like the one that says bunji jumping off the bridge once is not enough, or we should go white water rafting just one more time.Lets go find a pilot that will fly us under the bridge. Now that we have seen the falls from the Zimbabwe side, I need pictures from the Zambia side. Lets put on the feed bag one more time at the Boma. Or they have my brand of scotch on the booze cruise boats, oh and if we go one more time, maybe we can get pictures of the ellies in the river swimming.

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