How far is Stellenbosch U from CT?


Dec 8th, 2004, 01:04 PM
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How far is Stellenbosch U from CT?

Would it be possible to stay near Stellenbosch University/Tygerberg Hospital and still tour Cape Town on day trips?

How far is it? How safe is the area in and around Stellenbosch? (I've read that it's near the wine routes.)

Obviously, one would need to rent a car. Is there a lot of traffic to and from Cape Town that will slow down the trip?

How safe is it to drive there at night, say, after dinner at a restaurant in CT?

Thanks for any and all information.
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Dec 8th, 2004, 02:25 PM
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Yes, you can stay in Stellenbosch and drive to CT. Since there's a ton of things to do in CT it make more sense to stay there, but you must have your reasons for stying in Stellenbosch (most people do the opposite)It is a very cool place to visit, very pretty. Without traffic it will take you 45 to 1 hour one way to CT. Traffic will slow you down if it's at the typical peak hours (4-6 evenings) or (7-9 mornings). Stellenbosch is safer than most other places in SA, still excersize caution and good judgement. Stellenbosch is not only near the wine routes, it's part of them. I drove at night all throughout SA, but I'm a seasoned traveler and wouldn't particularily recommend it to others. Most people will advise you to be extremely careful at night in CT - even if it's just walking to your car.
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Dec 9th, 2004, 02:15 PM
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Fair warning Tygerberg Hospital is NOT in Stellenebosch. As a matter of fact Tygerberg Hospital is virtually in Cape Town and about 35 km from Stellenbosch. So before I can answer your questions may I ask where will you be in Stellenbosch or in Tygerberg???

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Dec 10th, 2004, 02:18 AM
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Yes, it is possible to do daytrips to Cape Town from Stellenbosch.

It's about 50 - 60 km from Stellenbosch to the Cape Town City Bowl. The area around Stellenbosch is not perfectly safe but it is safe enough, in my opinion, if you are sensible. To get statistical - Stellenbosch had 15 murders out of a population of 117 000 in the last year (from the SA police statistics). Most of these murders were in the ganglands and, although a tragedy for the people involved, do not constitute a threat to the rest of the town's inhabitants or visitors. I would say that you have to be sensible and vigilant without having to be fearful.

Stellenbosch is indeed part of the wineroute.

Peak hour traffic can get busy and slow things down - but it is nothing like LA (i.e. the situation is much better).

It is pretty safe to drive at night provided that you don't inadvertently venture into shaky areas on your own and you keep your eyes open.

Selwyn is correct in that the Tygerberg medical school is part of Stellenbosch University - but it is not in Stellenbosch. It's in the Tygerberg area You could commute daily to Tygerberg from Stellenbosch or you could stay in Durbanville which is closer. Durbanville is suburbia, Stellenbosch has "character", good nightlife possibilities, good restaurants, beautiful scenery and a range of outdoorsy activities on your doorstep + is 25 min drive away from the swimming beaches at the Strand and Gordon's Bay. You pick.
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