Jun 27th, 1998, 07:10 PM
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Has anyone stayed in any of the following hotels in Istanbul... IF so, would you please post your thoughts / experiences. We are in Istanbul in September after are staying at the Grand Vavus for the first night but thought we may move to one of the following Hotel Nomade, Empress Zoe, Side Pensione Hotel Historia Hotel or Ticarethane Sok.

After Istanbul we are heading down the west coast via Assos. I have been trying for some time to contact this place, via fax, but no luck. They don't answer. HAs any one stayed at the Hotel Assos on the water front, and does anyone know if they have an email address or web site.
Thanks Denise
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Jul 24th, 1998, 11:47 AM
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I can give a list of Hotel de Charme of Istanbul.Just write me again about It.I have now very large list of Hotels.
Take care .
Best wishes from Istanbul and my Art Gallery.
[email protected]
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