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Janis1272 Apr 12th, 2006 11:42 AM

Hotels in Cape Town
Hi, I am traveling with three friends to Cape Town in July. We are not sure what part of the city is the best, closest to restaurants and night life, and what hotels, moderately priced would be best. If anyone can help us out, we would be most appreciative.

jcasale Apr 12th, 2006 12:46 PM

Cape Town is wonderful! You will have a marvelous time. For me, I would recommend staying near the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. We stayed at the Portswood Hotel, which I believe is considered moderate priced, and it was very nice. The service was great, the location was convenient, and the room was very comfortable. I would highly recommend it. To be honest, I can't really speak to night life since we tended to wear ourselves out during the day and turn in early. Maybe others can help you on that.

jasher Apr 12th, 2006 01:48 PM


If you want to be close to restaurants and nightlife, I would suggest something in Tamboerskloof. Take a look at An African Villa or Liberty Lodge -- I have stayed at An African Villa and had a wonderful time.


Dr_Andrea Apr 12th, 2006 07:54 PM

We stayed at the Commodore on the waterfront. It is really ideally located and affordable. We figured we would splurge on the safari rather than on the hotel in capetown. Despite the fair price, the hotel had excellent service and excellent breakfast. The room was clean, but the nautical decor was not my taste. But the location can not be beat. I walked to the waterfront when my husband was sleeping without any concern for my safety.

Selwyn_Davidowitz Apr 14th, 2006 01:12 PM


Firstly let me just clear something up with regard to the mails by Dr_Andrea and Jcasale. I think that they both have made excellent suggestions to you however I must mention that the Portswood and Commodore come from the same stable of hotels in that they partner each other. There is not much difference in distance to the Waterfront and the two hotels however the Portswood is slightly closer. The big difference between the venues is that the Commodore is the more luxurious of the two and also the more expensive of the two. I must also add that there is nothing wrong with the Portswood as it certainly serves its purpose very well.

With all of that said I do not advocate that you should stay at a hotel when in Cape Town. I strongly suggest staying in guesthouses and say so because most owners of South African guesthouses are marvelous hosts and their establishments generally represent excellent accommodation that is much more personalized at MUCH better rates than hotels. Guesthouse rates also includes a fantastic breakfast which you normally enjoy with other guests in a friendly breakfast room. Staying in a guesthouse is a wonderful free and easy style of holidaying. All rooms are en-suite with their own bathrooms. What also is most important is that because of the size of the guesthouse you will NOT be in amongst the hordes of tourists as you might only have a couple of other guests at the guesthouse while you are there. Thus you get great accommodation, personalized attention as well as wonderful value in a very safe place to stay when you reside in guesthouses and that is why I recommend them so highly.

In terms of where to stay I would suggest that you stay in the Green Point area as this is close to where there are many restaurants and within walking distance of about 1.3Km from the Waterfront and about 3.5Km from the city. If you want to visit the Waterfront or city at night then I would take a taxi. Taxis in Cape Town are reasonably priced, safe and efficient

Guesthouses that I would recommend in the Green Point area would be:


Wonderful venue with fantastic hosts. Close to city, Waterfront as well as the Green Point strip where there are many restaurants. Well appointed and has to be amongst the best value in Cape Town. Highly recommended.

Cape Standard

Well located. Lovely guesthouse with super friendly host. Great value for money and certainly not expensive. Rooms are done up in a rustic manner with all conveniences available. Great breakfast area.

If you really want to go the way of a hotel then I would recommend the Graeme Hotel in Green Point. Excellently located near restaurants and within walking distance of the Waterfront. (1.3Km) This hotel is superbly run by a very hands on manageress who makes ones stay a personal one. Most important is the fact that the hotel is extremely well priced.

Hope that all of the above helps to make your Cape Town stay a great one.

Very proudly part of the wonderful ((r)) nation of South Africa

jasher Apr 14th, 2006 03:35 PM


I agree that guesthouses often offer a much more personalised experience than a large hotel. A boutique hotel is often a good option as well if you'd prefer a bit more luxury.

An African Villa and Liberty Lodge are both small, owner-run places -- An African Villa is more of a boutique hotel, and Liberty Lodge is more of a guesthouse. Jimmy and Louis (the owners) are wonderful hosts. Their website is


sandi Apr 15th, 2006 05:47 AM

Commodore = ships @ waterfront = nautical theme.

laura_ash Apr 16th, 2006 05:42 AM

We visited Cape town last December and stayed at two different places. I'd booked David's for the first part of our trip as it was very reasonalbly priced and on other traveller's recommendations. When we returned to Cape Town two weeks later i had booked the boutique style hotel Cape Cadogan as a treat to end the holiday. To be honest we would have been more than happy to go back to David's and would definitely recommend it. Location we thought was great - 10mins pleasant walk to waterfront. (just £3.50 back in taxi at night) Best fresh fruit salad at breakfast we had all holiday!, and all in all a very pleasant atmosphere. Rooms are fairly ordinary but fine for what you need and we had a full bath (some rooms we noticed had a tv). Although Cape Cadogan (located in Gardens area) was nice, and service excellent we preferred Davids and it was considerably less!. The Gardens area also felt a little seedy in the evening, (although we had no problems). I would use taxis for transport at night and stay at Davids. I too considered African Villa but thought it was a bit far out. We spent most evenings at the Waterfront as there is such a volume of restaurants etc and it is totally safe to walk around at night. We didn't discover another part of the city where there were a few places in one area. One restaurant we wanted to go to was Madam Zingaras but it was booked up days in advance, so might be worth going to!? This was in another less touristy area I think.

Selwyn_Davidowitz Apr 16th, 2006 07:35 AM

I think laura_ash has summarised Davids and Cape Cadogan very well. The one big difference between the Davids and
Cape Cadogan is price, with Cadogan coming out more expensive but then I must add that one certainly obtains good value for the extra that you pay at Cadogan. Have to agree though that in the long run Davids fits the bill perfectly and it is of no surprise to me that one has to book the guesthouse months in advance as it is always full house.

laura_ash in my opinion you need not have to feel that you mised out by not eating at Madame Zingaras (or its partner restaurant next door called Cara Lazuli) as I feel that it only has one attraction and that is their steak in chocolate sauce. (sound gross but tastes wonderful :) ) The restaurant is very noisy and quite dark in places. If you like trendy places then you probably missed out slightly however if you like to sit down and enjoy great cuisine in quite surroundings then you have not missed out at all by not eating at the venue.

Very proudly part of the wonderful ((r)) nation of South Africa

dmjapril Apr 16th, 2006 02:11 PM

Thanks for posting your review Laura_ash. I was considering booking Davids so it is good to read a recommendation.

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