Horseback riding to Pyramids


May 20th, 2005, 08:09 AM
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Horseback riding to Pyramids

I have read it is better to get a horse near the Sphinx instead of near the pyramids. The guide book I read makes it sound like you are out on your own. Has anyone done this? We recently watched "Death on the Nile" and they rode horseback around the pyramids. Is this realistic to do or a Hollywood creation? We were thinking about a ride at sunset, if so, is there any problem with the stables closing or it getting dark. Are the horses easy to ride or do you need to be an accomplished rider. Thanks for your advice.
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May 20th, 2005, 12:16 PM
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suzanne -

Contact Debbie at Casual Cairo, email: [email protected]. She posts here occasionally, but since she lives/works in Cairo, should have all the information you need re horsebacking at the Pyramids/Sphinx.
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May 22nd, 2005, 10:23 PM
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Guide books are so funny. I wonder what the author was trying to say with that remark. The Sphinx is AT the pyramids, so what did he mean?
I'm going to guess that he suggests renting a horse from one of the 100 stables in the village near the sphinx/pryamids area vs taking one of them off the boys inside the Pyramids park area. (Note: it's the same horses, just a different way of marketing the horses)
In my mind, you can do either one, but doing it alone you will get taken advantage of probably. There are NO set rates for these horses or camels, and the stables/boys with horses will take as much from you as you are willing to give them for the service.

Yes, you will have to have a guide with you. No stable is going to let you take their horses out without a guide unless they know you well and know that you #1-know how to ride, and #2-know the desert area well enough to find your way back safely.

As for the horses being easy to ride, that is hard to answer. I'd say be very honest about your riding abilities and hope the stable man is good. There are certainly horses for all abilities available, but many may put you on horses that need a strong hand, or on old sickly plugs that can barely move. The horseflesh in that village is sad to say the least. Only a handful of good stables exist.
One thing to look for would be foreigners dressed in riding gear hanging out by the stables...this would indicate that the stable caters to foreigners that board their horses there. That is a good sign.

Another thing to know is that most often drivers will take you to the stable that pays him the biggest commission. When you are referred to a stable, that is what the referring party will be interested in, generally.

Whatever you pay though, if the ride is nice, it will be worth it, and probably no more than you'd pay at home to rent a horse for a couple hours. Enjoy.
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