Hiking in the Dogonvalley (Mali)


Sep 24th, 1997, 04:35 AM
Vantuykom Marie-Jeanne
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Hiking in the Dogonvalley (Mali)

Hiking in the Dogon is a great experience .But what you need is a good guide. A lot of young pretend te be so but either they don't know the country ,they don't speak the Dogonlanguage or they even try to cheat you. We made a 7-day trip with a guide called Malick Napo . He is a Dogon himself so he knows all the villages and he is very respected by the locals. He knows the history of his people
and he speaks their language of course. He has an official certificate from the government which guarantees you that he speaks at least 2 foreign languages( french and english). You can contact him at Hotel Débo or Hotel Oasis in Sévaré(Mopti). Hotel Débo is a good place to stay and a very good place to eat(capitaine) and it is also a quiet place where you can discuss the price of your trip . If you go to Mali be sure to have French Francs cash !! all the rest is hardly known or accepted in Mali. Have a nice trip and if you would like some more information please contact me.
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Apr 14th, 1999, 06:01 AM
christina Knutsson
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I just came back from a business trip to Bamako. Únfortunately, no time to visit the rest of the country. Yes, bring cash in French Francs, don't rely on paying by credit cards or cashing in money on credit cards for that matter, forget about postal checks if you are in a hurry, it takes the bank at least 3 days to get an authorization by telex. I also suggest you bring anything you need like in terms of toiletries (creams, shampoo, etc) it's quite expensive over there.

They got wonderful handicrafts from the Dogons and other tribes. check out the big market in Bamako, it's a great scene to take in.
The country motto should be "il-n'y-a-pas-de probleme" (no problem). tha'swhat everybody will say no matter what.
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