Sep 28th, 2005, 07:40 PM
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Going to the Holy Land. Didn't realize I would be there during High Holy times - particularly Feast of Tabernacles. I am leaning towards a hostel, but am interested in knowing what a "kibitz" is and whether or not it is moderately priced.

I am also struggling with how to plan my tour. Mainly the plan is to begin in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, then move up to Caesaria M., then over to Tiberias and Capernaum, then back down to Jerusalem. I have more than 10 days in Israel. I do not want to pay for a pricy tour guide and I do not like group tours at all, although I want to be informed. Is renting a car a good option? Is it safe? What about lodgings in the areas I mentioned outside of Jerusalem? Is it better to base in Jerusalem, or to pick and move to the other places....bag and all? A little itinerary help from a Holy Land veteran would be appreciated. I am free spirited when it comes to traveling.


I'm a little nervous about not having a place to stay given the fact that I arrive at a very busy time.
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Sep 29th, 2005, 01:10 PM
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Sounds like you already have an airplane ticket. I have never stayed in a hostel in Israel, but, have stayed in kibbutz hotel with great satisfaction. I am thinking you are going to have a really difficult time finding housing at all during this holy season for the Jewish people. I have stayed in the Galilee at Kibbutz Nof Ginosar and really like it. It is less costly than most hotels. However, I am not sure that prices are not higher during this time. Perhaps somebody here (Suzanne, where are you? LOL) will be much more knowledgeable about that. Many tour Israel on their own and I don't think you will have any problems at all. Renting a car should be fine (assuming there will be cars that are available now). Yes, it is safe! I have always stayed in at least two places while in Israel............Jerusalem and the Galilee. Will do that again in March. In Sept. of next year will stay in 3 places (will add a stay in the Dead Sea area) at the recommendation of a friend.

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Sep 29th, 2005, 02:23 PM
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Tel Aviv is a better base than Jerusalem, better accesible for daily trips.

I would take a few guided tours, they are very good, and you can enjoy and get information that you'd never get by touring on your own.

...Or for the money, you can hire tour guides that would drive you in their own car...

Remmeber that driving in Israel is tricky... Like in ANY Mediterranean country... Drivers are a bit "crazy" (though I find the Italians and Greek much worse...).

Kibbutz accomodation is always less expensive, yet it has its charm.

Hostels are cheap, but... well they are hostels ... There is one in Tel Aviv that I know (on Bney Dan st. on the Yarkon River).
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