Help with choice: Campi Ya Kanzi or Tarangire/Swala

Mar 3rd, 2007, 03:24 PM
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Help with choice: Campi Ya Kanzi or Tarangire/Swala

If you could only visit Campi Ya Kanzi (Tsavo and Amboseli) or Tarangire (undecided but leaning toward Swala) as part of a 10 -14 day trip of the Northern Circuit, which would you choose?

This will be our first safari, January 2008. Tarangire sounds beautiful, but we will not be seeing it during the best wildlife viewing season, and planned a two night stay (since one night seemed rushed and am taking everyone's advice about not just staying one night anywhere). I would like to fit in something different in Kenya and as I was working with our budget and time frame, I have been trying to fit in CYK for a few nights. By not visiting Tarangire, it allows us 4 nights in CyK. It sounds like a very special place and has elephants! Which are very important to our trip.

So, what do you all think? I really appreciate all opinions, and have re-read all the wonderful trip reports. All of you are so helpful!

Thank you for all your ideas on this topic.
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Mar 3rd, 2007, 03:28 PM
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Just to clarify, we will be starting in Nairobi, then off to the Crater and the Serengeti. Then, adding at the begining or end of our trip Tarangire, or a small bit of the Kenya parks at CYK.

Thanks again for all opinions.
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Mar 4th, 2007, 10:39 AM
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Swala Camp is wonderful, but Campi ya Kanzi is more wonderful -- especially in January. Migratory animals tend to move out of Tarangire during the wet season (November - May). This is the time the migartory animals tend to move into Campi ya Kanzi from Amboseli and Tsavo. You will be able to do a lot more than just game drives at Campi ya Kanzi also -- like getting to know the local Maasai culture. I belive that is not really an option at Swala. I have been to both. I think CYK edges out barely -- but in January, I think the choice is more obvious.
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Mar 5th, 2007, 06:34 AM
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safaridude -

Thank you for this opinion, and thanks for your last trip report - Incredible. Really inspired me to try to make it to CyK.
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Mar 5th, 2007, 01:15 PM
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We just got back from spending a few days at CYK. Jan 26-28 to be exact. It was my third trip there so I can hardly be objective.

I've also been to Tarangire, but that was a few years ago in July so I can't compare January game viewing between the two camps.

While in CYK, you can request a day trip to Mzima springs in Tsavo if you like.

Our luck with the eles wasn't great on this last trip. Not to say they weren't there, they were, but it seemed we always came upon them when they were too far away or getting ready to go into a forest.

CYK is one of my favorite places and if I can fit it in when I'm in the area, I will keep returning.

If you have any more questions, I'll be happy to help.
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Mar 29th, 2007, 06:35 AM
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How did you get to CYK? Are they serviced by SafariLink?
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Mar 29th, 2007, 06:58 AM
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On this same thread, I am considering Swala Camp in late December after Christmas. My goal is to add a place I can see elephant herds, which I do not think I will do later in my trip at Ngorongoro or Serengeti (some elephants, yes, but not herds).

Is Swala a good choice? We are staying the night in Nairobi on Day 1 and considering Swala on Day 2 and 3 before moving on to Ngorongoro. Would we be better off staying in Kenya for Day 2 and 3 and trying Amoseli or Campi Ya Kanzi, then moving into Tanzania?
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Mar 29th, 2007, 03:53 PM
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You will see big bull elephants in Ngorongoro. Assuming you are going to the southern part of Serengeti, you may not see elephants at all.

Swala is a tough one that time of year. Big elephant herds disperse out of the park. Some remain, of course, but seeing big herds is touch and go. Believe it or not, it's the same situation in Amboseli and Campi ya Kanzi. Assuming normal rains in November/December, the big herds will disperse over a wide area at that time. Again, you will see elephants at all three of those places, but seeing big herds is no guarantee after the rains.
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