Help w/Southern Africa itinerary please


Sep 24th, 2000, 09:40 PM
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Help w/Southern Africa itinerary please

We're trying to plan a trip for the first half of January for 2 weeks. Definitely want to go to Capetown and I was hoping for some input on good locations to see game, sites for that time of the year--suggested itineraries, etc.

Appreciate any input you have please...
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Oct 26th, 2000, 08:08 AM
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I am disappointed to see that you have gotten no response as of a month later. I am also planning a trip at the same time. I have searched the site and gotten some good wise..the Miller Thumb is fantastic (my friend just reported that the review on this site is correct) and it is cheap. I would also like to hear about good places to see game in January. I will keep you posted when/if I hear anything.
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Oct 26th, 2000, 12:49 PM
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While it does not offer a 'Big 5' game-viewing experience, Bushmanskloof Game Lodge in the Cedarberg Mountains (about 4 hours drive from Cape Town) is worth keeping in mind. During a September 1999 visit, the game-viewing at Bushmanskloof was certainly
better than I had anticipated (we saw eland, springbok, grey rhebuck, Cape
Mountain Zebra, Black Wildebeest, Bontebok, Bat-eared Fox, and Aardwolf). Even if there were no game it would be a worthwhile place for a two or three
night visit. The variety and abundance of Southern San ('Bushman') rock art in the area is phenomenal and viewing it from close up is a stirring experience. The area and
its attractions could not be more different than Botswana or, for that matter, any of the real bushveld areas. Yet it is still very much ‘Africa’, offering a
tremendously wide variety of adventure activities, including hiking, mountain
biking, swimming and even abseiling on request. The guiding at Bushmanskloof
was as good as any I have ever experienced.

For the most productive game-viewing, your best bet is to head up to Kruger Park (space is at a premium over Dec/Jan, though) or even further afield to Botswana or Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe there are some excellent 'Green Season' specials from November through the end of March next year, and you could do a luxury fly-in safari staying at the very best camps, for practically 50% off the usual high season rates.

One camp in particular that has been terrific lately is Chikwenya, in the Mana Pools area. Here is an extract from an early October report, to give you an idea of the quality of the game-viewing:

"One particular week saw us with ten different lion sightings often with more
than one viewing of different lions in any particular day. There is a young pride of six that we are seeing, a couple of big proud males, two adult females and a lone dark black maned lion that puts in his appearance as well. We recently had a very interesting evening in camp with lions all over the place chasing a herd of
buffalo in and out of the gaps in the walkways and ‘yodeling’ constantly.

A lone female cheetah has put in an appearance as well and Mark Macadam
and guests viewed her chasing impala one fine afternoon. We have seen her
twice more since strolling the plains and once at night under the spotlight from the pooldeck platform. From that same deck a few nights earlier a leopard had chosen to make an appearance. The same guests who saw the leopard just also coincidentally happened to see the cheetah, numerous lions and a pack of ten wild dogs killing an adult female kudu and her young calf - this all in the space of
48 hours. Quite remarkable but then anything at all is possible at this time of year. Throw in the regular honey badgers, the herds of eland, hundreds of elephant and buffalo and hyenas around the camp every night and it doesn't take much to see how exciting everything is at the moment."
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Oct 26th, 2000, 01:34 PM
Jospeh Cameron
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I'm also planning a trip to SA, and have found a lot od useful information at the SA post, back to 1998 and 1997 even. Suggest you post your request for help actually on the SA site - I may be wrong but it seems you've posted for Africa generally. You'd probably get a better response at the SA site. Just speaking from experinece of having to plan our trip, you really need to buy 2-3 good guidebooks - Fodor's, Eyewitness and Frommer's, plus a good map, such as a Collins map. Once you've read some of the excellent sections in these books, then the postings will be of greater value to you - you'll have a frameweork for asking questions and using answers. Some postings are reports of actual trips - have your read those yet? They are very helpful. Good luck.
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