Help-Travelers Cheques in Turkey?


Mar 12th, 1998, 07:44 AM
John E
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Help-Travelers Cheques in Turkey?

I am planning to go to Turkey with a friend of mine in late June. We want to stay 1 week in Istanbul, and 3 weeks in the Aegean Region. We don't want to carry a lot of cash with us, so we were planning to use travelers cheques..However, I heard that travelers cheques are hard to use, or cash since a lot of places will not accept this true? What are your recommendations..thank you
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Mar 12th, 1998, 11:15 AM
Old Al
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It's often hard to cash traveler's checks in Turkey other than at a bank...and even then they make you sweat slow-moving lines. Yes, do carry some, but use your credit card wherever you can; American Express (not so good), but Visa and Master Card are better. Pack at least $50 in single-dollar bills, spread around your person. As an old sailor, I carry mine in my socks plus some in each pocket and others in a cloth sack hanging inside my shirt from a string around my neck. Carry U.S. cash in denominations no bigger than a $20 bill; singles and fives are best. When we were there two years ago, the dollar was at 72,000 Turkish lira; today it is closer to 230,000. Any merchant who simply accepted my dollars then and sat on them has a handsome profit to show for his patience. Unless in a big store, haggle for a lower price if you really want something. My way was to offer 25%25 less than was asked, and pay no more than 10%25 above that figure. You get their respect -- and I still think I was taken several times! It's part of a game that they expect you to play. Paying list price deprives most merchants of a of their fun.
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