Help Need - Egypt Dress Protocol


Feb 18th, 2000, 08:31 AM
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Help Need - Egypt Dress Protocol

I'm heading off for Egypt on March 14th. I am somewhat confused on the dress standards for women in Egypt. Friends have just come back from two different trips. One couple said that you could wear short shorts and sleeveless t-shirts all over Egypt. While the other couple said it was frowned upon. They suggest women should wear either long pants or skirts and t-shirts with at the minimum sleeves to mid upper arm. My question is who is right? Can I safely take Capri pants (those ending just below the knee) to wear at for example the pyramids? Help!. Any information would be appreciated.
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Feb 19th, 2000, 08:57 AM
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In the cities, it is better for you to be covered at least all the way down to your knees, and keep your shoulders covered. As for places such as the Pyramids and Luxor's West Bank, you can dress in any way you want, as you'll be surrounded by tourists (except on Fridays, when a lots of Cairene sometimes enjoya trip to the Pyramids).
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Apr 3rd, 2000, 02:40 PM
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Egypt is a muslim country. Egyptian women do not wear shorts; Egyptian men, almost never. Flesh should be covered and clothes should be loose, non-revealing. Women who show flesh on shoulders, arms, legs, back and upper chest will attract unwanted attention, definitely verbal harassment and maybe physical harassment (pinching, brushing up against you). At your hotel, by your pool you can dress with greater freedom, but outside you should dress modestly. To combat the heat you dress in lightweight, breathable fabrics rather than by removing clothing or wearing much less clothing. In rural areas you will see women covered from head to toe in traditional loose gowns. In the cities they are dressed in more western style but still modestly and frequently with head covered. People who wear shorts and T-shirts and think it is OK usually travelled in tour groups and were therefore somewhat insulated from the Egyptians and their negative responses to such dress. The double standard is alive and well in middle eastern countries. Men and women should put their western views of what is acceptable dress aside and attempt to respect local customs. You will be treated with greater respect and might even not get ripped off so much with taxi fares and so on.
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