May 13th, 1999, 02:24 PM
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I am going to tunisia in early november and then on to malta and sicily on a Travcoa tour.
I would appreciate any advice and input that you have. It is a high end tour and we will be royally looked after but basic info and tips would be appreciated
thank you
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May 14th, 1999, 01:20 AM
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Please note that people in Tunisia are very persistant when it comes to trying to sell you things. Just like in any other (North) African country, when you want to buy something: bargain.
Also watch out on e.g. camel markets where they try to put you on a camel for a ride without telling you that the ride will cost you (lots of) money. That is what happened to us last year and we really felt like stupid tourists, which we were in fact, but we had never been there before so we did not know the mentality of the people. Now we shall first look and watch out and then do something.
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