Gulet trip anyone?


Feb 23rd, 2004, 09:15 AM
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Gulet trip anyone?

has anyone ever gone on a chartered Gulet trip, or other type of sailing trip in Turkey? If so, any recommendations? It's for my honeymoon. Thanks!
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Feb 24th, 2004, 04:26 AM
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If you do a "search" through your browser for "Blue Cruises" you will find many companies that offer these. Some are US based, some UK based and others in-country Turkey.

One site has prices for chartering a boat, but prices would best be shared, unless you are on an unlimited budget. However, this was only one company and I didn't check other sites, though assume prices are pretty much in the same ranges.

There are many routes, and length of time from 7-days, to 4-day, to 3-days between different ports along the Aegean. Most are on typical Gulet boats, but you can also rent yacht-type boats as well.

Regardless which type boat you must check what is included - bedding, towels, food, tours, etc. Also of great importance is the cleanliness of the boats, sufficient water power for washing, showers, cooking.

As to cleanliness, I'm talking about things such as bugs (roaches) as you are on the water and Gulets are made of wood - perfect place for these to reside. Of course, this is not a pleasant subject, but I've heard that some boats weren't all that clean, that they would sleep on-deck instead of their cabins.

While you can do a weeks trip on the water, it would be nice to also visit Istanbul, Ephesus, and Antalya during your time in Turkey.

There are lots of resources to be found thru your search, and this can be a very romantic honeymoon option along with the fact that Turkey is a fascinating country to visit - but you have to ask lots of questions.

Hope this helps.

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Feb 24th, 2004, 06:39 AM
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Mad, I agree with Sandi about Turkey. Great country to visit, nice people, lovely country. But, romantic though it might be, I would not make my first visit by Gulet; and certainly NOT on honeymoon!

I know several people who have done Gulet trips around the Turkish coast. Some have had a brilliant time, some have had a truly awful trip. There are a lot of variables. Quite apart from the quality of the boat and the standards set by the operating company there are problems with inconsistency from the captain and particularly the cook!
In addition there is the problem of your fellow guests. You have no way of knowing what you will get in that department. Remember you are pushed together much more on a boat of this size than you ever would be on a cruise ship. Which brings me neatly to the final point, its your honeymoon! Do you want to share your intimate moments with a boatload of strangers? Trust me, you will share every movement on a boat that size.

Have you thought of chartering a sailboat? The flotilla companies accept people with only basic boat handling skills and you are all shepherded by an expert in a lead boat. Some even offer a few days land based boat familiarisation courses before you set off. Try Sunsail, I have sailed with them many times and found them excellent. Their instructors are very good.

Whatever you decide, have a great time and congratulations, Pirate
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Feb 25th, 2004, 08:06 AM
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Thanks so much for the info and warnings! Greatly appreciated.
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