Guided Tour of Egypt in Feb

May 25th, 1998, 05:31 PM
Marie Schoeny
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Guided Tour of Egypt in Feb

My husband and I have been wanting to go to Egypt for the last 4 years but every time we check into it we're told it isn't safe for tourists. Is it safe now? Also we want to go in February if it is warm there then -- is it warm in Feb. We want to take a guided tour because we're not experienced in traveling outside the U.S. Can you recommend a very good guided tour company?

May 28th, 1998, 05:39 AM
Paula Smith
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If you wait for Egypt or the Middle East to be "safe", then you might as well view the area through
videos!! Egypt has been unstable since the time of the Pharaohs and there is no predicting any where on
earth the next trouble spot.

Security has been stepped up in Egypt to the extent that it is possible.

February is still warm in Egypt and is not a prime
tourist time so there are fewer groups to contend with.

Whenever you travel anywhere that you are unfamiliar with just common sense, trust your instincts, and
stay in reputable hotels.

E-mail for tour info and other pertinent info on
travel to Egypt.
Jun 2nd, 1998, 01:50 PM
Herman Moy
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Hi there,

We just got back from Egypt last Sunday (5/30/98) and we had a great time. Initially we were concern about the safety issue. But once we got into Egypt we felt fine. Police is everywhere. The only problem we had was people constantly trying to sell us something. Winter is the best time to go since it's in the 70 - 80's. We used the tour company INSIGHT based in Boston. We have taken a tour of Europe with them and injoyed very much.
Jun 2nd, 1998, 05:45 PM
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February could not be a better time. Cairo is cool for Eqyptians. You will think it wonderful. Eqypt is my favorite place in the world. Go- you'll never know when it becomes impossible. I would suggest a Nile cruise with three days in Luxor for the temple complex at Karnak, the valley of the kings, queens and nobles, a trip to Abu Simbel, not more than 2 days in Cairo. If possible, stay at Hotel Mena House in Giza with views of the pyramids, a suburb of Cairo. There is also an excellent Etap hotel in Luxor, and you might enjoy the colonial British Victoriam atmosphere of the old Winter Palace Hotel in Aswan. Try to see the temple of queen Hatchepsut and make sure to take a sail on the Nile in a Felluca. I'm sure it's going to be a vacation of a lifetime.
Jun 14th, 1998, 09:04 PM
Gene Kasprzyk
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If you are interested in a trip with an educational theme you might pick up a copy of Archaeology magazine. There are many trips led by leading archaeologists advertised in this publication. This, of course, is not the least expensive way to see Egypt. If you are looking for something less expensive try TWA Getaway Vacations or check into what American Express has to offer. For %-star luxury try Abercrombie and Kent. You might also try Go Ahead Vacations.
Jun 19th, 1998, 02:01 AM
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I was in Egypt last year two weeks before a number of terrorist attacks but I encountered no problems at all. Since then security has been significantly increased and the main tourist areas are much safer than before. It is a beautiful country and you should definately go. Other countries like the UK and Spain have had similar terrorist problems and many millions of people go on holiday there without any problem. It will be warm in Luxor and further south in February although Cairo may be quite a bit cooler but this is a much better time to go than the middle of summer.
Aug 9th, 1998, 11:29 AM
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come to egypt and do it your self its cheaper
do not look for a tour company in your country.

if you need information contact me we are not atravel agency we are a group of students how like to help people on a low budget.

[email protected]

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