Guenmai - Keep Us Posted on Your Ghana Trip


Dec 15th, 2004, 12:43 PM
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Guenmai - Keep Us Posted on Your Ghana Trip

Hi Guenmai, Hope you have a safe trip, please keep us posted while you are in Ghana if possible. Got your email re the Dr name, thanks very much.
Can you recommend a hotel near the airport for the first night of our arrival in Accra? Tried the Novotel but they are telling me only 3 to a room (we're a family of 5) so I need 2 rooms at $128 US ea per night. I don't mind $128 a night, but not times two! Thinking of moving to La Palm Royal Beach Hotel for 2 days and then to the Volta Hotel in Akosombo for a couple of days before coming back to Accra and then heading along to Cape Coast etc. Here's a silly question: When you go to Ghana to you pack your own towel? Thanks!
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Dec 16th, 2004, 01:46 PM
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Sandye...It's good I checked the Africa forum...which I usually don't. Anyhow, did you call the hotel directly? I did.You're contacting the Novatel too early.You're leaving in March,right? Wait until about a month to 6 weeks before departure. There most likely will be empty rooms that they will reduce the rate of. Or call them directly now and SPECIFICALLY ask for the $74. special...that's with breakfast and tax included.Get two rooms at $74.00 each. There's a queen-sized bed and a day bed in each room. The room is not terribly large, but nice.And the water is VERY hot in the shower. Plus there are huge safes...big enough for a laptop computer.There's a nice pool,too and they have barbecues out by the pool. The rooms at the Royal Palm are very big...they are chalet style.The grounds are spread out. As for somewhere close to the airport, did you check the J2N Guesthouse which is 10 minutes from the airport?They have a private driver. It's a regular house in a suburb and not far from the beach. It's the one partially owned by the friend I told you about. Go on and click on hotels and then on more guesthouses. As for hotels near the airport...Accra isn't that big. The Novatel is 15 minutes from the airport....and that's the heart of town. There is also the Shangri-La...but you will probably have lizards in your room. My Ghanaian friend stayed there and said he had them in his room running all around. Now, I know you don't mind them outside, but do you mind them inside? Then there is also the Golden Tulip Hotel. The Labadi Beach Hotel is the five-star next door to the Royal Palm and has direct access to the beach whereas the Royal Palm doesn't. Plus when I went the Labadi Beach Hotel was cheaper than the Royal Palm. I had a reservation there, but didn't stay since I got sick and was at the Royal Palm a little longer than expected and then I moved to the Novatel, instaed of next door to the Labadi, in order to have a different experience. You also need to think about protection from mosquitos. The Novatel is airtight. The windows don't open in the rooms. At the Royal Palm they do open, but there are no screens. Plus, at the Royal Palm when you leave your room, you are either directly outside or in the foyer area of your chalet. At the Novatel, you leave your room to an inside corridor and then to an elevator which takes you to the lobby. Of course, the Royal Palm is more interesting since it's a spread out resort-style structure. I'd try both if I were you. Accra doesn't have a whole lot of hotel choices. Well, I've got to go. This will probably be my last computer message since I leave home on Saturday. I'll keep in touch though and if anything interesting comes up while I'm in Ghana, then I'll post from there. Happy Holidays and Happy Travels!
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Dec 16th, 2004, 01:51 PM
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Oh, as for the towel...I didn't pack one, but it would be a good idea depending on what kind of places you might end up in.Get those travel kind of towels that are very absorbent, but compact.They had great towels at the two hotels I stayed at and even face cloths, from what I remember.But, I always do pack face cloths/towels. Happy Travels!
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