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Dec 31st, 1969, 04:00 PM
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Your best bet if you are looking to save money is to stay on Oahu. You'll find cheaper accomodations due to the competition(please don't stay at anything less than a 3-star). And the variety of places to eat are greater. For a first time visitor Oahu has the most must cultural sites to visit. If you are looking for night life (you did say No-Kids) Waikiki is bustling through the morning, while its lights out by 10:30 on Maui & Kauai.
For the most bang for your dollar go to Oahu. After you've been hooked on Hawaii, come back & vist the other islands.
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Dec 31st, 1969, 04:00 PM
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LOL, thanks Kal...I won't give up yet. I guess I just feel like after Easter is a long time to wait to be booking travel in June. I feel like I need to plan it way in advance, but if it saves money that's definitely what I'll do.
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Dec 31st, 1969, 04:00 PM
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$4000 for how long a visit ?
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Dec 31st, 1969, 04:00 PM
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I forgot to mention in my previous thread is to check Sometimes they have great airfare "specials" to Hawaii.
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Dec 31st, 1969, 04:00 PM
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Group tour companies

Hi jwnismo - we're like you - no kids and middle class. But we are able to take great trips just by budgeting and doing tons of research. The internet is your friend!

Its too late for this trip, but I would recommend getting a credit card that gives you miles. We have the AA citibank M/C. My husband and I have used miles to go to Cayman, last year Hawaii, and in May we're going to Belize. Even with everyday use (charge everything!) you can build up at least enough for one ticket and purchase another if needed. We gutted and remodeled our kitchen and put on a new roof and was able to charge everything. We were going to take out a home equity loan anyway, so then just used those checks to pay off the credit card - we ended up getting our Belize tickets from most of that.

Another thing is try to book a condo - you can stay at some awesome condos for much cheaper than just a basic room at a fancy hotel. Plus you save money by having a kitchen so you can buy groceries and eat cheapies for breakfast and lunch and then enjoy a nice dinner.

If you pick Kauai, you can do your hike to the waterfalls for free along the Napali Coast.

And since its your anniversary, make sure you mention that, sometimes you can get an upgrade or free drink or something. Never hurts to ask!

Congrats and hope you can work something out!
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Mar 22nd, 2000, 12:09 PM
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I am going to be taking a group of 12-16 friend and colleagues to Turkey in
May/June 2001 and I am looking for the right company to work with. We would like
to begin our tour in Istanbul then travel down the coast visiting Troy,
Sardis, Pergamum, Ephesus, Priene, Didyma, Bodrum and then Marmaris. From there
we would like to embark on a one-week Blue Cruise.
I'm not sure which Blue Cruise itinerary would be best; probably one
where we would see the most hitorical sites. Perhaps Marmaris to Antalya.
Has anyone ever used Ekol Travel or any other Turkish travel companies? Do you think
it would be best to use a local company or one of the larger, more well-know companies?
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