Grocery buying in SA


Nov 19th, 2003, 09:33 AM
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Grocery buying in SA

In another post, Kavey asked about buying food at camp stores within the parks, vs. buying at grocery stores in the nearby towns. That thread displays oddly on my computer, and I can't reply to it, so I am replying in a new post.

We've found the camp stores to be limited in their choices, especially of vegetables, so we try to buy in the towns nearest to the camp so as to have more selection. The only problem is keeping stuff cool until you get to your accommodation. The one thing they DON'T seem to stock in SA stores is styrofoam coolers of any size. They only have itsy-bitsy ones. So we always take (I'm not kidding) a diaper bag as one of our carry-ons, and then use it as a cooler while we're in SA. You could also use any of the insulated bags they now sell for holding cans of soda, or lunch, etc. But a diaper bag is a nice size -- it'll hold a bottle of wine and all your groceries that like the cold. And you can get them in black and other non-baby colors and patterns, if you don't want to get on the plane with Elmo or Pooh all over your luggage.

The camp store will have fire wood if you want to do your own braai. I love doing that.
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