Greek Isles


May 17th, 1998, 02:05 PM
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Greek Isles

Does anybody know where I can find info on those quaint little white houses with the blue roofs? I would like to rent a house on the Greek Isles for my honeymoon. Do travel agents have info on rentals? Any suggestions on which islands are best are welcomed.
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May 27th, 1998, 12:31 AM
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Mark, it depends for how long you want to rent the house. Anyway, almost all the Greek islands have white houses with blue roofs, but the most breathtaking place for honeymooners is Santorini. It is quite crowded on summer, but than again it's one of the most beautiful places ever! I have a brochure with apartment-houses in Santorini at home, so if you want more info e-mail me.Congratulations!
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Jun 10th, 1998, 03:20 AM
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I agree that Santorini is probably the most spectacular island you can choose. Unfortunately there are more tourists than local people there nowadays, and the prices are accordingly high. But still... But take care where you go. For a romantic place I think one of the grotto flats in Oia (pronounced ee-aa)is the best you can get. Otherwise there is always Fira (the old main city), but make sure you get a place overlooking the crater. In Oia and Fira there are no ordinary beaches, but you can easily go by bus to the beaches on the other sides of the Island.
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Jun 13th, 1998, 09:58 AM
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I agree that Oia on Santorini is beautiful, with great scenery and lots of quaint architecture and art galleries. I must disagree with the suggestion of Fira. It is overcrowded, undistinguished, and not worth a visit in my opinion.
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