Forget about SA


Apr 8th, 2001, 06:04 PM
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Forget about SA

Go to Kenya where the people are warm and friendly and the only place you have to worry about safety is Nairobi. The game lodges have 24hr. security and an escort to your room at night. The food is out of this world and the $ is 75 to 1 for the KShill. a very good deal for Americans. I got a massage everyday for around 11 dollars.

Amimals are all over and the big 5 are always spotted. We drove from one lodge to the other in time for lunch everyday and a game drive at 4 gives you time to relax at the pool or whatever after after lunch. Kenya beer, Tusker is less than 2 for half liter and thats hotel prices. I just can't say enough about the good time you will have if you visit Kenya. I am sold on the country and would like to help. Am sending care packages to some of the children there. There ecomony is bad and 80% unemployment. They need help. They are not militant like SA. Please help them if you can. I am doing my part by sending packages to some there. Buck
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