For the Soutehrn Africa veterans out there...


Feb 9th, 2004, 04:28 PM
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For the Soutehrn Africa veterans out there...

Which of these itineraries appeals the most to you? I realize that few, if any, of you have been to ALL of these places, but even if you have only been to one, I value your opinion and feedback...

Itinerary #1: Fly into Johannesburg. Immediately connect to Maun, Botswana.


3 nights at Kwando Kwara (Okavango Delta)

4 nights at Kwando Lagoon---this place has the NERVE to claim that it has the most beautiful location in all of Botswana--(

2 nights at Kwando Songwe Village in Victoria Falls. While I am tempted to go to Tongabezi, I want to really be able to write a thorough review on Kwando, since it is such an unknown quantity out there and may really be a nice alternative to Wilderness-Safaris camps.

Including flights from and to Johannesburg and all transfers, my price for this package is about $3,125 per person, sharing. All meals, laundry and alcoholic bevarages are included in the price.

I have never been to Botswana and I really have a good feeling about Kwando, for whatever that is worth.

Itinerary #2: Fly directly into Lusaka on British Airways and transfer directly to the Lower Zambezi...

3 nights at The Sausage Tree Camp, an incredible looking camp in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Transfer to South Luangwa National Park

3 nights at Kaingo, which is Shenton Safaris main camp.

2 nights at Mwamba, Shenton Safaris bush camp, reached by a 3 hour walk from Kaingo.

1 night in Lusaka at Lusaka Inter-Continental to make early morning flight back to London.

1 night in London since I will be arriving at 5:55PM and will have a hard time finding any flight back to Los Angeles at that point. After a Lusaka-London 10 hour flight, I will probably welcome the brief stopover.

Total cost of this package should run about $2,400 per person and is one night longer than Itinerary #1.

I have a great rate of $140 per person per night at Kaingo ($120 + $20 per day entry fee) and it includes laundry, alcoholic beverages and transfers from and to Mfuwe). Sausage Tree Camp for three nights will likely cost nearly double than my five nights in South Luangwa, but other than Lower Zambezi the only other place to go is Victoria Falls and I would rather see Lower Zambezi National Park for the first time than Victoria Falls for the second time.

Itinerary #3: Fly into Johannesburg and then immediately transfer to Victoria Falls and transfer to Hwange in Zimbabwe.

4 nights at Makalolo Plains in Hwange (Zimbabwe), reputed to have a very high density of elephants and lions.

Transfer to Mana Pools (Zimbabwe) (opposite the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia).

3 nights at Chikwenya, like Makalolo Plains, a Wilderness Safari property.

Transfer back to Victoria Falls and onto Livingstone.

2 nights at Tongabezi. The River Club has mixed reviews and I just want someplace absolutely beautiful to finish off the trip, not knowing if I will ever experience Africa again (could get smashed by that piano that seems to fall out of the sky in movies).

Total price for this package is expected to be around $3,000 USD per person.

To me, they all seem pretty great. The only downside I see to any of them is requiring a nights stay in Lusaka and London on the South Luangwa/Lower Zambezi Itinerary #2.

I am still leaning towards Kwando, Itinerary #1, and Tanzania seems like a distant memory right now, but will be very easy to reconstruct if need be depending on if and where I can get frequent flier business class seats.

So...does your vote go to Door #1-Kwando and Victoria Falls, Door #2 South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi (with those required stopovers in Lusaka and London) or Door #3-Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls.

Disclaimer...this poll carries a margin of error of 100%.
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Feb 9th, 2004, 04:38 PM
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Ooooh, oooh, oooh (with my hand up waiting to be called on by the teacher)...

How about if I were to fly into Johannesburg, connecting to Victoria Falls, immediately transferring to Hwange for four nights at Makalolo Plains, followed by crossing over to Livingstone for a flight to the Lower Zambezi for three nights at the Sausage Camp and ending up with two nights in Livingstone???

This would be the most expensive option but has three camps that I am dying to see...Makalolo Plains in Hwange, Sausage Tree Camp in Lower Zambezi and Tongabezi in Livingstone area. I imagine that this would be nearly $4,000 USD per person but would be an AMAZING package. I am talking about Mombo/Singita/Phinda kind of amazing at half the price. Am I getting carried away or will those that hav been to Sausage Tree Camp and Tongabezi please come forward and attest to this?!

Okay...tomorrow I am calling my doc for some tranquilizers. I am too excited about all this!!!
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